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Home Staging Tips For A Quick Home Sale

Posted by Susanna Haynie on March 3, 2014
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If you are hoping to sell your home quickly, make sure to properly prepare, clean and stage your home.

Statistics prove that a home that has been perfectly cleaned, updated as much as possible and well maintained brings the highest sales price. Be diligent, be picky, and yourself in the buyers’ shoes to see what they expect from your home.

Hiring a home inspector is money well spent because a home inspection will uncover any deferred maintenance. Budget for a roof inspection and HVAC/AC cleaning and service as well. It is best to have it this done before the home is marketed so you can present the reports to any potential buyers.

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Staging Tips

1. Make the exterior of your home inviting to potential buyers and show off any highlights of your property. 25 Ways To Improve your Curb Appeal

2. Repair ANYTHING noted in the inspection report, even if it’s a very small item. Repair anything else that you notice that was not mentioned in the inspection.

3. Deep clean all areas of the house. If necessary, have your wood floors refinished and your carpets steam cleaned. A hand steam cleaner is particularly helpful to easily clean and restore tile and grout.

4. Update your home as much as possible. Some things are easy and inexpensive but require some elbow grease:

5. Let the sunshine in! Utilize natural light as much as possible. A large mirror can help in a small space.

6. Make sure the home has proper lighting with floor lamps, ceiling lamps, and lights.

7. Make sure the home’s temperature is comfortable for buyers. Nice and cozy warm on colder days, and nice and cool in summer time.

8. Declutter each room and remove excess furniture.

9. Let the buyer imagine themselves in your house by de-personalizing the home. There should be a clear use of each room.

10. Pay attention to any unpleasant odors in the home. Consider removing old rugs and buy some inexpensive, new ones. Clean cat litter boxes frequently.

11. Rearrange your furniture to allow a flow from room to room and therefore ‘cash flow’ into your pockets. Consider renting furniture to appeal to your buyers. Consult your home staging professional.

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