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Steps to Buy a Home


Whether you’re new to buying a home or a seasoned homeowner, we customize our approach to suit your individual needs. Our goal is to create a personalized home buying plan and provide you with the resources you need to make well-informed decisions.

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Discover the Details of Buying a Home

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Preparing to buy a home 

Step 1: Find a realtor

Step 2: Get pre-approved for a mortgage

Step 3: Download the Home Buyer Guide

Step 4: Find your dream home

Step 5: Time for showings


You Found the House

Step 6: Make an offer

Step 7: Schedule the home inspection

Step 8: Deliver your earnest money check

Step 9: Review disclosure and home owners association documents

Step 10: Give notice to your landlord (if you are currently renting)

Step 11: Don’t spend extra money

Step 12: What is the inspection period?

Step 13: Tips for attending the inspection

Step 14: Read the inspection report

Step 15: The appraisal

Step 16: Schedule the closing


You’re almost there 

Step 17: Hire movers and start packing

Step 18: Set up your utilities

Step 19: Set up home owners insurance

Step 20: Get your down payment ready

Step 21: Do you want a home warranty?

Step 22: What is clear to close?

Step 23: Attend the walk through

Step 24: Wire transfer your down payment

Step 25: Attend closing

Step 26: Wrapping things up

Step 27: Checklists to maintain your home

Buyer's Guide


“I am absolutely thrilled about our new home and we couldn’t of done it without Susanna. She went above and beyond to find us our dream home! We were the first to see our new house in a very competitive market. She ensured we had all the information and knowledge throughout the entire process.”

Alyssa F.

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