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Black Forest, Colorado is a bit of an anomaly in the Pikes Peak region. In a place where the Great Plains greet the rugged Rocky Mountains, a large gathering of Ponderosa Pines emerges so closely grouped together that it is reminiscent of a giant raft of ants floating on water. In like manner, the Black Forest of Colorado is 200,000 square miles of tightly clustered trees among a sea of rolling hills and prairie grasses.

(Black Forest has a small website at https://blackforest-co.com/)


Colorado Springs and Black Forest seamlessly merge north and east of Woodmen Rd, Powers Blvd., and Hwy 83.  Its borders run from HWY 83 TO EASTONVILLE RD ON THE EAST, THEN COUNTY LINE ROAD ON THE NORTH END DOWN TO NEAR WOODMEN RD TO THE SOUTH. 


Just as there is a stark contrast in the appearance of Black Forest with the rest of the region, there is a similar contrast in the atmosphere. Whereas north and east Colorado Springs is fast and furious in growth and activity, Black Forest offers a bit of serenity and breathing room. black forest pikes peak

Homes are mostly on large 5-acre lots and are hard to see among the closely clustered trees. It is a place of solace and quiet. Beyond the north and southern reaches of the forest, there are large home lots in the open grasslands that offer grandiose views of the distant mountains. But for the most part, Black Forest homes are safely tucked away within the branches of tall pines.

In addition to a plethora of Ponderosa Pines, Black Forest is characterized by large rolling hills. All combined, the waves of pine trees, green grasses, rural settings, and large properties create a perfect setting for private horse property and abundant wildlife.


Just as Black Forest is a rural setting, the businesses reflect the rural life of their residents. Bed & Breakfasts, Alpaca Farms, small coffee shops, builders, places of worship, and a few conference centers. Details of the business can be found on Black Forest’s website. Additionally, they have a small, but amazing, Fire Department including 36 volunteer firefighters!black forest town square


None of us ever think we will have to live through a natural disaster, but that is exactly what happened to our friends in June of 2013, one year (almost to the day) after the Waldo Canyon Fire in Colorado Springs.

Due to the density of the forest, if you were to drive through Black Forest today it is easy to forget that over 500 families lost their homes. But in certain areas, the comforting presence of tall pines is interrupted by scorched land dotted with black toothpicks.

black forest burn scar

Pikes Peak through the burn scar (Photo source: instagram.com/lauralprather)

It is surprising to see how many families have chosen to not rebuild. On the other hand, the most enduring aspect of Black Forest is the quietness and protectiveness provided by the dense forest.  This is understandable when many lose the comforting presence of the trees in addition to the shock of losing a home and horses. Some folks certainly missed the natural protection and privacy provided by the trees. In a sense, the burn areas feel very “naked” and exposed next to the rest of the forest. 

black forest burn scar

(Photo: lauralprather.com)

On a positive note, young, fresh growth is pushing up through the ashes!

🔶For those who want to live in the Black Forest, but also desire a view of the mountain range, building a home here may be a great opportunity to be a part of rejuvenating a very special community!


Black Forest is such a unique community. Time slows down a bit and silence is abundant, except for the whispers of trees and chirps of birds. Properties cover several acres and homes range from small log cabins to massive estates. Nearly all residences are single-family, custom-built homes with a very wide range of architectural styles. Yet, no matter the price point or style of home, each property has the sense of a hard-earned “homestead”.

cathedral pines black forest

Gorgeous estates located in Cathedral Pines (Photo: lauralprather.com)

Prices for homes vary greatly, however, the majority will be close to the $600k – 1+ M mark, especially in Cathedral Pines. Land prices range from the upper 100s to 400k.

If you like the idea of being part of this rural community but prefer the open spaces, good news! Not all homes are within the shadows of the pines, several estates on large lots are located in the open spaces north of the forest.

The beautiful rolling hills in the open spaces/grasslands north of Black Forest. (Photo: lauralprather.com)


Academy School District 20 serves the Black Forest community, along with the Lewis-Palmer School District. Within the town itself, there are two elementary schools:

District 20 also has a specialized school for 4th graders within District 20: School In The Woods. Students are chosen through a lottery system to go to the school for a year to experience a curriculum with an emphasis on natural sciences (and spend a lot of time outside!).

For middle and high schools, families have the options for:

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There is everything to love about Black Forest! Family-friendly, private, secluded, quiet, custom homes, rural, yet close to Colorado Springs proper.

This community is great for:

  1. Telecommuters/Remote Workers
  2. Families
  3. Retirees
  4. People looking for horse property
  5. Enjoy wildlife
  6. Privacy
  7. Custom-built homes
  8. Land or big lots
  9. People who prefer a slower or quieter life away from the sights and sounds of the city.

Recreation in this area includes an equestrian center and a 240-acre park (Fox Run Park), which is off of Roller Coaster Road. (We weren’t kidding about the rolling hills in Black Forest)

If this sounds good to your ears, give me a shout, and let’s plan a day exploring the options in Black Forest.

Susanna Haynie, 719-321-0800

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