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Steps to Sell Your Home

Selling your home is a team effort

At Colorado Real Estate Group, we don’t just sell houses – we take care of people.
It is important to us that you have someone who treats you respectfully, honestly, and fairly during the home-selling process.

[Click here to download the Home Selling Guide]

Our goal is to sell your home:

  • With the Least Hassles

    We strive to make the home selling process stress free and enjoyable.  We have worked with many clients over the past several years and have optimized our marketing plan to stay on the cutting edge of the technologies and strategies that it takes to sell homes in today’s market. Contact us today if you’d like to schedule a pricing walk-through as well as a customized marketing presentation for your home.

  • In The Shortest Amount of Time

    Depending on the sales strategy and your plans, we aim to list our homes for the least amount of time possible. You are at the helm and determine the direction we are going. We’ll guide you through the waters.

  • For the Highest Price Possible

    It is hard to prove that our listings sell for more than they might sell elsewhere on the market.  We will take a detailed look at the upgrades in your home and include them in your pricing strategy. The pricing strategy is then discussed with you and put into place. You determine the destination and we’ll get you there.

Read our detailed blog posts below that explain each step of the home selling process:


Step 1: Find a realtor

Step 2: Download the Home Selling Guide

Step 3:  Schedule a listing consultation

Step 4: Prepare paperwork

Step 5:  Time to prepare your home

Step 6: Stage your home

Step 7:  Conduct a pre-market inspection

Step 8:  Professional photography

Step 9: We’ll pre-market your home

Step 10:  What happens after my home goes live in the MLS?

Step 11:  Putting your listing on Zillow, Trulia, etc.

Step 12:  Time for showings

Step 13:  The first week your home is on the market

Step 14:  We’ve received an offer

Step 15:  We are under contract. Now what?

Step 16:  The home inspection

Step 17:  Navigating the Inspection Resolution

Step 18:  The appraisal

Step 19:  Schedule the closing date on your calendar

Step 20:  Hire movers and start packing

Step 21:  Transfer or cancel your utilities

Step 22:  Cancel or transfer your homeowner’s insurance

Step 23:  Clean the house

Step 24: Clear to Close

Step 25:  The final walk through

Step 26:  Closing day

Step 27:  Wrapping Up

Click here to download your free home selling guide

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