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Ways to Update Your Home Without Major Renovation

Posted by Sarah Steen on February 5, 2021
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photo of living room with caption that says "Home Updates Without Renovation"

Note: this is a special guest post from our friends at Sage Styling & Staging. Our team hires them for their incredible staging services on our listings, and they also provide fantastic guidance for styling your home. You can contact them and see their work on their website or social media:
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Are you one of those DIYers who found a home you love because it has good bones, but needs a little pick-me-up to give it new life from its 70s or 80s roots?  We’ve outlined some ideas to make your home yours without doing a major renovation right out of the gates. Sometimes the simplest things can make all the difference.

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1. Update lighting

Proper lighting can really enhance a space and breathe life into it.  Brightly lit spaces appear open, airy and welcoming.  Updating fixtures can be as easy as removing them and spraying with metallic spray paint that come in brushed nickel or oil rubbed bronze colors.  Often, replacing the entire fixture can change the appearance of a room completely and can certainly modernize it.  This may require the handiwork of an electrician if you have not installed lights before, but if you are handy, ceiling fixture replacement is not terribly complicated.  Layer these rooms with lamps and make your space feel cozy and well-lit.

photo of living room with plants and brown couch and kitchen in background

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2. Cabinetry: Update Drawer Pulls/Door Handles & Paint

Dated kitchens are easy to spot.  Old fashioned, worn pulls and knobs are noticed quickly in homes.  This is such a simple update, there is really no excuse to not do it.  Colors and styles can be personized from modern to rustic so let your creativity flow!  Don’t forget to take a look at your faucet.  Replacing it to match your pulls and knobs is a great way to add cohesiveness to the look of the space. Don’t forget that can of spray paint in an old-rubbed bronze, brass or nickel color can still pack a punch if you don’t want to replace knobs/pulls.

If replacing cabinets is not in your budget, painting them is a cost-effective way to update the look without the price tag of replacement.  Look online for tutorials from many DIYers and visit your local hardware store for tips on the best paints to purchase.

photo of white kitchen with black accents

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3. White-Wash, Paint & Wallpaper

A fresh coat of white-wash paint can breathe new life into a classic stone piece in a home and quickly bring it up to date.  Truthfully, a fresh coat of paint or a fun and easy to install (and remove) peal and stick wallpaper can personalize a space in no time and look like you hired the expertise of an interior designer! Pro tip: check the Oops! section of paint at your hardware store for deeply discounted gallons that people have returned or denied because there was an issue with the color.  You can often find gems there.

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4. Window Treatments

Adding soft touches like curtains to add texture, pattern or color to a space should not be overlooked and can be an affordable option to update your home quickly. Not all drapery requires a custom seamstress.  Target, Walmart, HomeGoods and many others offer a great variety of sizes and looks for affordable prices.  Start in the main living spaces of your home to add instant appeal.  Don’t forget to measure your space appropriately; nothing will fight your pretty textiles quicker than an ill-fitting set.  Curtains that touch the floor gently is the best way to go for the most current look.

photo of bedroom with white and gray linens and curtains

 5. Clean

Get in your space and give it a good scrub.  Deep cleaning older baseboards, flooring, carpets and walls can give an instant face lift.  While we often focus on the things we can physically change to make our spaces better, a deep cleaning can make all the difference in how we feel about our home. And truly, how we feel in our home is what is important.

There are so many ways to update a home without the messy (and expensive) overhaul of remodeling.  Study the rooms in your home and figure out which outdated features you’d like to tackle first.  You’ll add value to your home, coziness to your space and find yourself loving where you live which is what it’s all about at the end of the day. Click here to view the Sage Styling & Staging Facebook Page.

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