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25 Ways To Improve your Curb Appeal {Curb Appeal}

Posted by Susanna Haynie on May 6, 2013
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25 Tips for Curb AppealWhile the real estate market has picked up (2013) and houses are finally selling again, buyers will still not just chose ANY house. Curb appeal is still what gets a potential buyer interested in your house and, consequentially, gets you an offer. If your home looks well taken care of on the outside, the inside will surely be the same.

Here are some tips to spruce up the outside of your home to make the perfect first impression:

25 Tips to Great Curb Appeal Free Printable Checklist

1. Trim bushes or trees that are covering your home.

2. It’s gotta be clean! Weed, clean, and rake all areas of your property. Pick up any yard tools or miscellaneous items – NO clutter!

3. Make your lawn sparkle. Cut and edge your lawn. Add fertilizer/greener. You might want to water your lawn briefly 30 minutes before your showings for that previously mentioned ‘sparkle’.

4. Flowers will brighten up any home so plant bright flowers, or simply add some potted plants. Not the right season for bright flowers? Lovely green plants such as small trees will do the trick.

5. Your yard will look newly landscaped with fresh mulch. It’s easy and fairly inexpensive.

6. Remove moss or weeds from walkways and driveways.

7. Repair driveway cracks. If you have lifting or shifting on driveways or walk ways, call a professional to see if this can be remedied with simple mudjacking.

8. Brighten up your front door. If it’s a wood door, touch up, repaint or stain it (there are great gel stains that can simply be applied with a rag. Super easy, super quick).

9. A new doormat will invite potential buyers.

10. Finish your door off by installing a new doorknob.

11. Update your outdoor lighting.

12. Can your street address easily be seen? New house numbers cost pennies but deliver a fresh look.

13. Hose off the exterior of your home. Wind, sand, dust, dirt, bugs, birds, and tree pollen can leave fixtures and windows screens looking dirty. Hose it all down with your garden hose to get a great basic clean.  You could add an outdoor cleaner like “Windex Outdoor” to get even better results.

14. Pressure wash the house exterior, driveways, walkways, garage doors. Please remember that pressure washing might strip paint when you only want to clean.

15. Cut over hanging tree limbs.

16. If the colors of your home are dated or the paint is in poor condition, think about about a new coat of paint.

17. Buy a new mailbox.

18. Place a seasonal wreath on your door.

19. Paint or pressure wash your fences.

20. Add additional lighting to your yard to show your home of any time of day.

21. Adding simple yet elegant stone or metal borders between lawn and planting beds will help give your yard a polished look.

22. Pay attention to all parts of your property. This includes the backyard and sides of the house.

23. Arrange your outdoor furniture and set an inviting table to help potential buyers imagine just how wonderful it will be to sit on your deck or porch.

24. Inspect all gutters, downspouts, siding, window sills, window screens and shutters for damage and flaking paint. Repair or touch up if necessary.

25. Inspect your roof for missing or damaged shingles and flashing. Make repairs if necessary

25 Tips to Great Curb Appeal Free Printable Checklist

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