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When Will My Road Be Snow Plowed?

Posted by Susanna Haynie on October 31, 2015

snow plow routes map colorado springs

The streets are dangerous when they are not snow plowed – especially with the Colorado Springs daily thaw-freeze cycles. However, plowing the streets is a tug of war between safe streets and city budget.

Update 11/17/2015:

We are experiencing a winter storm and I have had several people calling me to plow their road. Since it is not in my power to do that here are some resources for you to contact:

I removed links as they were removed by the city. I will update again at the beginning of the 2017 winter season.

  • Snow and Ice presence at the Public Works Division.
  • Contact form at the Public Streets Division (they say “contact us to take care of your street problems”).
  • Citizens can sign up for the City’s Twitter account (@springsgov) to receive information about snow response activities and other safety information.
  • The City will also provide current status to the local media outlets to be used in crawlers.
  • Citizens can observe conditions on the City’s online Road Weather Information System camera feeds and/or traffic cameras.
  • The automated snow line, (719) 457-7669, will have a recording about the current snow plow callout status.
  • Colorado Springs National Weather Service forecast information is available at (719) 573-6846.

Here is what KOAA broadcast in February 2015 when Colorado Springs had one storm after another come into the city.

Of course, I can’t answer when your road will be plowed! However, you can look up your street below and see if you live on a primary or secondary street, or on a street that is not being plowed at all.

Street Plowing

The City is responsible for servicing approximately 5700 lane miles of roadway, extending over a 194 square mile area. To save money, no streets will be plowed until at least 6″ of snow have fallen. When the primary and secondary routes are cleared and safe for travel, the Streets Division may begin plowing and applying anti-skid by grid in residential areas where snowfall has exceeded 6″.  This is after the storm has passed and snowfall has ceased.

Most likely by the time the snowplows would get around to your street, the sun has melted most of the snow on your street.Getting your road snow plowed

Your Side Walks

The code says the sidewalks must be clear from ice and snow, so the amount does not matter. IF someone reports you, don’t worry, inspectors provide two warnings before they take action to have the snow removed by a contractor with the expense, plus fees, sent to the property owner.

I have never heard of this happening to anyone. However, remember that if your sidewalk is not cleared, you will be liable for any injury sustained on your walkway.

Download this map to enlarge it

snow plow routes map colorado springs

Do you have any questions? Contact me! It’s easy with the form below or call/text to 719-321-0800

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