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When Will My Road Be Snow Plowed?

Posted by Susanna Haynie on November 18, 2022
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The streets in Colorado Springs can be dangerous when they are not snowplowed – especially with the daily thaw-freeze cycles here in Colorado. However, plowing the streets is a tug of war between safe streets and city budget.

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When will my road be plowed?

The City of Colorado Springs will clear primary roads first to safely get people to where they have to go. These are major arteries like Powers Blvd, Woodmen Road, CO 115, etc. After these are taken care of, secondary roads are cleared and then there is a hot spot list to clear when there is at least 6″ of snowfall. Neighborhood roads are last on the priority list and will only be cleared once the snowstorm has stopped and other roads are taken car of.  Colorado Springs residents will likely tell you they can count the number of times their neighborhood roads were plowed on one hand.

Important: Avoid parking your cars on the street so that plows can get through if and when they do finally get to neighborhood roads.

Here is the latest interactive snowplow map:

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More resources and information

  • Snowplow sequence: Primary roads, secondary roads, then finally neighborhood streets. See the interactive map above.
  • El Paso County recently announced they will roll out a live snow plow tracking map.
  • The city has 40-50 snowplow trucks available for call out.
  • The city, the county and the state (CDOT) will deploy snowplow trucks and you can tell them apart by their colors:
    • City of Colorado Springs trucks are white
    • CDOT trucks are orange
    • El Paso County trucks are red
  • Colorado Springs has an average of 42″ of snow annually.
  • You can report issues via the GoCOS! app or call 385-ROAD Apple Android
  • Colorado Springs  provides current status to the local media outlets.
  • Citizens can observe conditions on the City’s online Road Weather Information System camera feeds and/or traffic cameras.
  • Here are media outlets weather cams , Colorado road conditions
  • The automated snow line (719) 457-7669 will have a recording about the current snowplow callout status.
    • @CityofCOS
    • @MayorofCOS
    • @CSFDPIO
    • @cspdpio
    • @springsgovOn social media follow these accounts for up to date information:
  • The city also recommends the Pikes Peak Prepared App Android Apple
  • All State and County roads are maintained by their own staff. For information on snow removal on State or County roads, call:
    • CDOT winter road conditions: 303-639-1111
    • CDOT road maintenance office (Colorado Springs): 719-634-2323 or 719-576-1868
    • El Paso County Department of Transportation office: 719-520-6460

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Neighborhood Street Plowing

The City is responsible for servicing more than 7400 miles of roadway that extend over a 194 square mile area. To save money, no neighborhood streets will be plowed until at least 6″ of snow have fallen. When the primary and secondary routes are cleared and safe for travel, the Streets Division may begin plowing and applying anti-skid by grid in residential areas where snowfall has exceeded 6″.  This is after the storm has passed and snowfall has ceased.

Most likely by the time the snowplows would get around to your street, the sun has melted most of the snow on your street.

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Shoveling Your Sidewalks After a Snowstorm

City of Colorado Springs code says the sidewalks must be clear from ice and snow within 24 hours after the snowstorm has stopped. Don’t stress too much if someone reports you. Inspectors provide two warnings before they take action to have the snow removed by a contractor with the expense, plus fees, sent to the property owner. I have never heard of this happening to anyone. Keep in mind that you will be liable for any injury sustained on your walkway if your sidewalk is not cleared.

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