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Susanna is an amazing realtor! She explained everything to us (first time sellers) along the way in great detail. She was always available for a home visit, phone call, etc. She was super flexible, responsive and communicated with us throughout the entire process. We’d highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to sell (or purchase) a home in Colorado Springs.
Mike M.,

Wonderful company, amazing work, and very nice people to work with. Susanna even helped us sell our house for more then we were expecting due to her market research and realty knowledge. I plan on coming back to the Springs in three years and I will definitely be using her when purchasing a new home.

Matt J.

The best! Susanna is the type of realtor who actually enjoys what she does and feels like a friend. She is extremely knowledgeable and committed to helping as much as she can. I wouldn’t use anyone else in the Colorado Springs area!

Kasey F.

Susanna Haynie is an amazing realtor! My husband and I have used her on the purchases of our last two properties in Colorado Springs, the most recent was an investment property. It took us some time to find the right place but Susanna was super helpful every step of the way. Her communication, dependability and
guidance made both of our purchasing experiences run very smoothly. If you’re buying or selling, you should definitely get in touch with Susanna. You won’t regret it!

Shanna E.

Susanna was really the Jedi Master for our first home buying experience! She walked us through each and every step of the way to make sure we were completely comfortable and helped us get into a beautiful home! She was always readily available to answer any questions that we had and truly made us feel that no question was a dumb question. Thank you Susanna! We can’t thank you enough!

Ashley V.

Susanna is very knowledgeable about the real estate market as well as the value of the upgrades I made to my home. She brought in professional stagers and photographer whose efforts and photos quickly brought many eager buyers. She made the entire sales process seamless. I was very happy with Susanna and highly recommend her.

Deletha K.

Susanna is THE best realtor in the Springs! She truly cares about her clients and it shows in all of her interactions and hard work. She is extremely knowledgeable about the crazy competitive housing market in the Springs and surrounding areas and gives great advice and support in how to navigate the process.

Pamela L.

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Susanna has been our realtor through two purchases of homes and one sale, plus also helping our son get a home. There is no one better! She works hard for her clients and knows exactly what she’s doing. She is also extremely kind and helpful through the whole process. We now live in our dream home thanks to her work and energy into helping us find and get into this home! Thank you Susanna!

Erin P.

I can not imagine selling or buying a home without Susanna and her team. The knowledge, teamwork and communication is topnotch! My whole family uses this company and they feel like part of the family. Susanna seems to know what you need before you tell her. Trust that this team is looking out for your best interests.

Kristy S.

Susanna and her team did a incredible job from beginning to the end. Highly recommend her to anyone looking for a realtor.

Robert R.

Susanna’s team was incredible and worked hand in hand with Susanna providing us with information and guidance in the paperwork that was involved in the sale. It’s unfortunate that we had to leave the state of Colorado because if we had not, Susanna Haynie would be our realtor for our next purchase. One small note to show what a great person Susanna Haynie is, outside of being a great realtor, we mistakenly left some treasured family photos in the stack of Goodwill donations. Susanna and her team noticed this, and asked if this was a mistake which it was on our part.
When hearing this, Susanna took it upon herself and shipped the family photos to our new residence in another state.

Pasqual D.

Susanna made the whole process as simple as possible. She went above and beyond my expectations. I was selling a vacant property and do not live in the area. She took care of every issue that the home owner would typically handle (repairs, key exchange, HOA contacts, etc.). I would recommend Susanna, in a heart
beat, to anyone buying or selling a home in Colorado Springs.

Wendy P.

Moving is a stressful experience. Moving across country to a new and unfamiliar area is even more stressful. Doing all of this in a pandemic – not recommended – but we did this in 2020. Working with Susanna made this situation ‘doable’. She was our eyes and ears on the ground in COS. Since we could not make the trips we would have otherwise wanted, this was critical to the success of the whole process. We have bought and sold many properties over the years. Our experiences with Susanna rank up with the best of the best.

Beth C.

From our very first phone call with Susanna and throughout the entire process of selling our house we had an amazing and positive experience! Moving in general is such a stressful process, but Susanna really helped make things manageable and walked us through each step so things never felt overwhelming. She helped us get top dollar for our house. Both Susanna and her staff were professional, attentive, and beyond helpful. I would highly recommend! Thanks Susanna!

Chelsea L.

We will definitely recommend Susanna to our friends and family. She was friendly, upbeat and a great listener! From our first meeting to closing it was obvious that she was looking out for us and that is a great feeling to have during the home buying process!

Stacey S.

Susanna Haynie has helped us purchase 2 homes and sell 1. Her professionalism and market knowledge far surpass that of any other realtors / brokers we have dealt with or know about. I give 100% credit to Susanna for our last house selling so quickly and for
selling WAY above our asking price!  I would highly recommend her for any real estate transaction.

Jahr T.

We were beyond impressed with her ability to navigate situations that arose when they were not expected. She was calm, cool, collected, and really looked out for out best interest in ways we would have never thought of. In addition, it was her pricing and staging on the sale of our home that led to a near immediate sale and bidding war. She is a true professional and highly skilled in real estate transactions. We were so thankful to have her on our journey!

Emily K.

We had a very tight turnaround in terms of the sale of our property and Susanna and her team were very attentive, went above and beyond throughout the process and were very communicative during the time frame.

Kevin L.

Susanna has been a pleasure to work both of the times she has been my agent. She is honest and sincere, friendly, and very helpful through all the processes of buying/selling a home.

Candy B.

Susanna took the time to help us purchase a home and that was no easy task — we are out of state. She helped us all the way through the process and kept us at ease. We would highly recommend Susanna to anyone who wants to purchase property in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas. Thank you Susanna for helping us find a home that makes the whole family happy.

Elizabeth M.

Ms. Haynie AND her staff were very prompt when replying to ALL inquiries- from initial introduction to every single request for market updates, property assessments, etc. This was extremely important for us as we were out of state buyers AND we were dealing with the very real pandemic. In a ‘hot market’, she did everything possible to help us review properties to help us with our selection(s). She is both professional and personable. She took the time to understand our ‘wish list’ and managed to respond to our search queries on a very timely basis.

Tim C.

Susanna enabled us to go through a complex process with utmost confidence. She is easy to work with, did a great job of emailing pertinent paperwork so we didn’t have to guess at what was needed, and kept us on board and organized. We knew Susanna was protecting our interests every step of the way, and the closing was fast and efficient. Susanna will be a pleasure to work with for anyone, we would use her again, and she has our highest recommendation.

Sharon L.

Susanna was so timely and attentive to our home search, I truly felt like I could put anything and every part of the home buying process into her hands. Susanna was not pushy and did not rush the process. She was and is so incredibly knowledgeable about real estate that I will recommend her to everyone I can who is in the market. Our family honestly now consider her a friend. Susanna is just the best, I cannot put it in any other words.

Rebecca S.

Susanna was great during the process of selling our house. She was in constant contact with myself when necessary but also didn’t flood us with trivial details. The house was owned by my ex-wife and I and Susanna went out of her way to accommodate our situation of being ex-spouses and living in two different states. She sent us regular updates on viewings / offers and did a substantive analysis on our area of town to help keep our numbers in a realistic ballpark. I would recommend her to my friends still living in the Colorado Springs area and if ever needed to buy there again, would seek out her services.

Tyler C.

Susanna took care of everything for us and really made the transition a very smooth one. I hate moving and she made it easy. She took the time to understand our wants and needs and then went out of her way to take care of us. I HIGHLY recommend Susanna and the Co-RE Group to all looking to purchase in
Colorado Springs.

Jonathan D.

Susanna was a true professional from the moment we met her, long before we even thought of selling, right to the closing once we did decide to sell. She was always available and had great suggestions. Very proactive. We did all this from out of state and she handled everything with ease. Such a burden lifted off
our shoulders. Thank you Susanna!

Cindy L.

Susanna Haynie is a great realtor who is willing to work hard to help you find your dream home. She went above and beyond and travelled over 7 hours round trip to attend the home inspection as well as the final walk through. I wouldn’t expect that much from a realtor but greatly appreciated having Susanna there to make sure everything went smoothly. She took the time to understand exactly what we wanted and help us set very realistic expectations. I would recommend Susanna to all my friends and family.

Meaghan C.

Moving to a new state can be daunting and Susanna was the perfect person to help us. Her website has information on the area that I could find no other place. She was readily available to talk before even meeting for the first time. She took the time to get to know our needs and help guide us to the perfect home for us. She was a tough negotiator on our behalf and ensured our closing was smooth and on time. I couldn’t have asked for a better broker and we will be using her for all future transactions!

Adrienne C.

Susanna was our guardian angel. After determining our original real estate agent was not meeting our needs, we held several interviews to find someone we could trust. Susanna came to our rescue, and through her advice and upbeat nature we were able to pull through the difficult sale process, and net over $40k MORE for our home!


Susanna sold 3, yes three houses for me. She is professional and kept me informed throughout the entire process. If you want the job done correctly, look no further!

Ron B.

Susanna is the most professional agent we have ever used.

Steve R.

Susanna was guiding us through every step in a very timely
manner. She made sure we wouldn’t forget anything! We were
able to trust her 100% which lessened many worries in regard to
home buying.

Dagmar B.

I have interviewed three real estate agents before I found Susanna. They all told me that what I wanted to sell my house for was too high. They did not know the area all that we’ll and they were also not willing to accept less of a commission so I would end up losing money in the end. And then the clouds parted and Susanna showed up like an angel out of the heavens. She is persistent, but not annoying, extremely professional and knowledgeable. I would recommend her to anyone! Not to mention she’s a tough cookie and extremely positive, which I like.


Susanna is everything you could possibly want in a Realtor….knowledgeable, professional, patient and an incredibly nice person. We were super-picky when looking for our retirement house and Susanna never complained, even after our first deal fell through. Eventually we found another home and with her help we got a great deal! If you’re looking for a great Realtor in the Colorado Springs, look no further than Susanna!

Laughn R.

Susanna was wonderful to work with throughout the 3-year process of finding my perfect home! Early on in
she was willing to take me around Colorado Springs properties knowing I would not be buying/moving for
another 2 years. Susanna was always patient, knowledgeable, and friendly.

Noreen M.

Susanna held our hands from start to finish, and made our entire process seamless, especially coming all the way from NY. It’s her warmth, her knowledge, her experience, and her passion to make people happy that makes her miles ahead of anyone else. We feel we made more than a business connection, we made a real friend. Thank you, Susanna, for helping us find our new life.

Eric A.

Susanna was great during the process of selling our house. She was in constant contact with myself when necessary but also didn’t flood us with trivial details. She sent us regular updates on viewings / offers and did a substantive analysis on our area of town to help keep our numbers in a realistic ballpark. I would recommend her to my friends still living in the Colorado Springs area and if ever needed to buy there again, would seek out her services.

Tyler C.

Susanna was knowledgeable, responsive, and excellent with technical savvy advertisement. We were thrilled with her as a realtor and recommend her without reservation – particularly in Colorado Springs and expertise with military transitions.

Ashley B

Susanna loves what she does and knows the Colorado Springs Real Estate market well. I worked with Susanna on two transactions and found her to be helpful, dependable, and highly competent. She was great at communicating, following up and generally managing the processes so that execution occurred in a smooth and timely manner. When faced with a few hiccups during the transactions, it was comforting to always be able to reach her, discuss strategy and have her on my side. Besides being an excellent broker who achieves desired results, she is importantly honest. Working with someone who has integrity and will provide straightforward feedback has been immensely valuable in navigating the market and transaction processes.

                                                                                                                   Jami S.

Susanna is what you hope a real estate professional will be. From the beginning, she really listened to what we were looking for. There was never any pressure, just helpful suggestions and options. She was helpful and professional when negotiating our offer and helped us through the entire buying process. The entire experience was enjoyable and there was always a comfort level knowing Susanna had our back the whole time.

Ken H

Susanna is still a go-to for me with real estate questions and there are very few people that I trust over Susanna. I have since moved away from Colorado Springs, but I still asked Susanna questions and solicit her feedback on real estate issues. I truly feel that Susanna is a valuable asset and a good person to have on your side and would strongly recommend her to anyone. I am proof that she is not just about making a quick dollar, but a making long-lasting friendship for which I am very thankful. You can count on her to be honest and truthful.

Dena V.

Susanna knew the area that I wanted to be in and always notified me of properties for sale in the desired area and we looked at several. She kept watching until she found the perfect match for what I wanted and needed.

Bill P.

Susanna is an amazing realtor! She explained everything to us (first time sellers) along the way in great detail. She was always available for a home visit, phone call, etc. She was super flexible, responsive and communicated with us throughout the entire process. We’d highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to sell (or purchase) a home in Colorado Springs.


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