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Military: Are you PCSing soon? Here Is Your FREE Ultimate PCS Guide

Posted by Susanna Haynie on January 30, 2013
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Pcsing / Moving to Colorado SpringsIt’s that time of the year: January! This means that for most that are scheduled to PCS in the first 6-7 months of the year, the PCS ‘song and dance routine’ has started again. When are you moving? Where will you be moving to? Where are our orders?

Some of you maybe know that our family retired only in January of last year from the Army. We’ve had our share of moves and I very much empathize with military families! When it came to PCSing I felt for the longest time  that there was not enough information given to the spouses, who for a large part help arrange and manage the PCS move too. The way it usually happened was that the soldier was briefed then was supposed to pass on all the  information to the spouse when he came home. I talked to a lot of spouses, generally women, and I felt that the breakdown in communication -usually unintentionally- caused a great amount of stress. I put together “my” PCS guide at the same time when I started my website MilitaryDutyStations.com and MilitaryDutyStations-Blog.com (which I let expire) to help ease the frustration that this gap of communication caused.

==> Would you like information on Fort Carsons EFM Program?

When we retired I was afraid that my PCS guide would fizzle with our path into retirement  so I allowed Sargeslist.com to use it as a baseline to their “Ultimate PCS Guide”.

Sargeslist took it up a notch, invited more  military bloggers (mainly spouses)  from all over the world to chime in and add their great PCS tips and knowledge . In 2012 the new Ultimate PCS Guide was completed and was a huge success! 50 pages filled with information in regards to budgeting, planning, entitlement and more.

Download this Ultimate PCS Guide 2012

and sign up to receive the

2013 issue of the Ultimate PCS Guide

which should be available by the end of February – in plenty of time to inform you about all changes for the new military rotation.

If you need more information about Colorado Springs, please call me I’ll be happy to assist you in getting you settled!

Call me: 719-321-0800 or coloradosprings@realtor.com

Who is Sargestlist:

SargesList provides free listings/ads for housing, hundreds of thousands of jobs, a place to buy and sell items, vehicles, promote their businesses and get connected with others, which help families quickly adjust to their new surroundings and thrive at their new duty station.

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