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Trade Up Your Home in 2023

Posted by Sarah Steen on January 31, 2023
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Trade Up Your Home in 2023

In case you missed our webinar earlier this month, you can view the recording below to get all the tips you need to sell your current home and buy a new one in 2023.

What You’ll Learn in This Video

[03:00] 2 Keys to Trading Up – Time & Talk: You can never start to early if you’re considering selling your home and buying a new one in the near future. Give yourself plenty of time prepare your finances and your home. We recommend talking to a trusted lender and real estate agent well in advance of your potential move. They can give you vital insight and help you come up with a personalized strategy that works best for your situation.
[06:43] Navigating the Current Market: Interest rate fluctuations, inventory struggles, and fewer buyers have all shifted the market from 2021. We’ll discuss common misconceptions about the market, how long to expect to have your home for sale, and what to expect when you’re buying.
[15:37] Making the Money Work: Trading up your home can be complicated if your down payment is tied up in your current home. Kim Majors with Bank Central discusses several financing options to consider.
[40:35] Steps to Trade Up Your Home: We’ll discuss your order of operations for trading up your home, plus the pros and cons of buying first or selling first.
[56:15] Pro Tips for Trading Up Your Home: Avoid closing on a Friday or in late afternoon, always have a backup plan and more.

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Additional Resources

We have plenty of resources for you as you continue your research. Remember: it’s important to start your conversations with a real estate agent and a lender as soon as possible, regardless of how long your timeline is.

Susanna Haynie, REALTOR

Kim Majors, Loan Originator 


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