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Tips For Selling Your Home In The Fall

Posted by Susanna Haynie on September 9, 2021
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Selling your home in Fall

Throughout much of Colorado, fall starts off as one of the better buying seasons for people hoping to own a home. Sellers get to enjoy the annual sales boom in July, which is often the best time to sell a home with excellent weather enticing transplants to relocate. But patient buyers know that the “left over” homes, the ones that didn’t make the cut in the summer sales frenzy, will likely have received a price drop and the owners might be more negotiable. Don’t get me wrong, the statistics still show that days on market are still low. However, most of our Colorado Springs military members are settled and kids are in school. This is when the market takes a breather and prices calm down a bit.  After the historically low inventory of the last several months, we are beginning to see a slight increase in the number of homes for sale in Colorado Springs. But we still need about twice as many homes for sale than we currently have to balance out the market. Below you’ll some tried and true tips to optimize your home without spending a ton of money before you list.

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Why would you sell in the Fall?

This year more than ever before, the Colorado Springs real estate statistics show that  we have fewer showings per home but prices are still not decreasing significantly. This means that there are serious buyers are out there who are still looking to purchase. They offer quickly, they offer full price, and they are eager to close. Now is a great time to list for sure!

Brighten the Mood

Fall light is changing how your home shows. Replacing old or color-clashing light fixtures is a fairly cheap option. Install dimming overhead lights in the living room and replace ancient light fixtures outside with motion detecting adapters. Another thing to consider is adding overhead fans to each bedroom or living area. This helps move air around during the cold and warm months, and is another lighting option.

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Have a Clear View

Replacing any cracked, dinged up or otherwise unseemly windows is a good idea. Energy efficient windows are a selling point that resist heat in the summer and retain it in the winter. It’ll help the new home owner with their utility costs. Shiny windows inspire confidence that a home owner has taken care of their property. Just avoid any tacky, customized or oddly shaped options.

Now that the windows are clear and sparkling, make sure you don’t cover them up with heavy drapery but just add a bit of accent window coverings.

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Oh, the Odors….

Odors can turn buyers off almost instantly. I have had buyers that don’t want to go past the front door because they were “greeted” at the entrance with a strong smell.

  • When the fall moisture starts picking up it’s a good idea to inspect your dog beds to make sure that there are no odors coming from them. Any odor coming from animals will be amplified by the moisture.
  • Have the furnace inspected, cleaned and the filter replaced to keep odors away from your home and thus from potential buyers.
  • Ratty, stained carpet is a huge detractor to any home. That coffee stain you covered up with a couch? That’s no longer hidden. The urine smells from the dog’s accident in the living room corner? Lighting candles only masked the smell; it’s still there. If you can’t perfectly clean your carpet or rug, then the best way to get rid of an unappealing floor is to literally get rid of it. Call a junk removal service and have them haul away any carpets and big rugs that are in poor shape, or any rotting floorboards and tacky tile. Nice, plush carpet from a local home improvement store isn’t necessarily cheap. But, depending on how many rooms you’re replacing, you can likely get the project completed for less than $300 if you install it yourself. Another option is to install [laminate] wood or high quality vinyl floors. Get the proper measurements and then put colorful accent rugs on top for a classier appearance.

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Mop the Walls

You might not notice it, but walls attract a lot of grime. Black smudges from greasy hands stain walls, especially near doorways. Grab your floor mop, put on a clean mop head, add some cleaning product and a smidgen of bleach and then you’re ready to clean. Wipe down the walls from base to ceiling with your odd-smelling soapy concoction, and with enough scrubbing the dark stains will erase.

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Mount It

Eliminate the perception of clutter and add a bit more space to your cramped kitchen and living rooms by mounting blinds, paper towel racks and dish cloth holders. The general rule is if the appliance has a screw, then screw it. Torque that shiny piece of metal so it lays flush with whatever it is holding up.

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