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Tile Trends – Parade of Homes 2013 {Design}

Posted by Susanna Haynie on August 31, 2013
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tile trends parade of homes 2013Tile Trends Parade of Homes Colorado Springs 2013

This year, natural stone tiles, such as travertine, slate or limestone, are still very popular. Those materials support the ‘natural look’ trends of alpine living, french country decor or even shabby chic. In the model homes of this year’s Colorado Springs Parade of Homes,  those trends are mixed at times with a touch of Pottery Barn and and a dash Restoration Hardware. I assume this is done to appeal to the largest array of visitors and potential buyers. Nothing wrong with it–it’s pretty.

What is new?

It’s great fun to see that tile industry is getting more creative. While the basic tile have remained quite the same, new textures, color schemes, and materials have popped up to allow buyers and remodellers to express themselves.


These have been around for awhile, but prints and use are getting bolder:

Wood Tiles

Not wooden tiles…tiles that look like wood. This trend encompasses two changes I have noticed in tile world:

a. Non-traditional shapes: These tiles look like wood-panels. It’s strange to see it for the first time. The ones that I discovered were very long.

b. Print: With a ‘hand-scraped’ texture look and wood print.Colorado Springs tile Trends

My impression was that while these tiles looked very real, they ARE STILL tile and are cold like tiles. I believe this is going to be a fad and nothing that will impress buyers in the long run.

Carpet or Wallpaper Print Tiles

As mentioned before the wooden tiles were astonishingly real looking but only used on floors. In several homes I saw on bathroom walls very large subtle wallpaper print porcelain tiles.


Nothing seems impossible since a few years ago pebble stone/tile sheets came on the market. It’s still hip to be square if I may recite Huey Lewis and the News, but builders and buyers do not shy away from using diamond or rectangular shapes or circles in their design.

In a few basement bathrooms white and or black subway tile was used, but visitors remarked how this rather cheapened the look of the bathroom.

Colorado Springs Parade of Homes Tile Trends


Maybe in an attempt to make a room look large, or just hip – tile sizes seem to have exploded! No more 12 x 12 inches- now 24 x 24inches and even larger than that seem to become popular. Remember the bigger the tile, the bigger the problems laying it.

On the opposite side of size: I have not seen any tiles smaller than 1x1inch.Colorado Springs Parade of Homes Tile Trends


GLASS!! Glass mosaics as accents and special touches rule most model homes, I also saw metallic looking tiles – very sleek. One backsplash looked like mother of pearl was used. How the tile professionals grouted the irregular material eludes me. The tile work looks very interesting.Colorado Springs Parade of Homes Tile Trends

5. 3D LOOK

The most obvious was a glass (trend #4), rectangular, small (trend #3), basket weave (trend #5) was added as a bathroom accent. Again grout work will prove itself to be more challenging with this time of tile accent, but the added interest was great.

Colorado Springs Parade of Homes Tile Trends

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