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Summer in Colorado Springs

Posted by Susanna Haynie on May 2, 2018
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Warmer Weather: Summer!

Summer is right around the corner in Colorado Springs so we have compiled a list of 47 ideas for summer activities!

1. Celebrate our National Parks!

We have 2 just in Colorado… Rocky Mountain National Park is the closest at 2 hours and 40 minutes from the Springs, but don’t forget about the Great Sand Dunes National Park, barely 3 hours from Colorado Springs.

2. Go retro gaming

Enjoy retro video and arcade games in a unique indoor/outdoor setting in Manitou Springs for just a few bucks!

3. Rent Vespa scooters…

…(and helmets!) to zip around town in the beautiful weather

4. Fountain Creek Nature Center

Learn the starry night sky with a class at Fountain Creek Nature Center. This starts at night, won’t disappoint! https://admin.elpasoco.com 

5. Popcycle Rides (Sundays):

Bring the kids and take a ride through part of the Legacy Loop, then take a little rest on the renovated bridge at the north end of Monument Valley Park. Lots of summer bike camp options! https://kidsonbikes.net 

6. Go prospecting!

Crystals are abundant around the Pikes Peak region, just keep in mind: you can only dig on private property with permission from the property owner. Keep your eyes pealed for the bright green Amazonite.

7. Archery class

Take an Archery class at Bear Creek Park, then check out Cheyenne Mountain State Park for a “Bear Track” range to take aim at 3D animal targets.

8. Hit the Trails:

For a special hidden gem, try Palmer Loop Trail

9. The Passport Program

A true local favorite and coming back for 2018: The Passport Program. Explore 34 restaurants and breweries with BOGOs on specialty beverages. https://www.thepassportprogram.com/colorado-springs

10. Pikes Peak International Hill Climb:

See the history at Penrose Heritage Museum and then stick to the Tejon corridor balconies for a fun view of the Fan Fest motorcycle acrobatics. For the main attraction, head to the start line and make sure you have barriers – rocks, trees, your own car – to view behind.

11. Go to the “beach”

Even though you’ll be without the palm trees, Colorado Springs has its own “beach.”  For a fun day in the sand, check out Prospect Lake in Memorial Park

12. TWO STORY Indoor go-karts!

Ever been on a 2 story indoor go-kart track!? Well, time to grab onto your need for speed and these 55 mph go-karts! Upstairs is adults only and downstairs is a slower option, but still oh so much fun.

13. The North Pole

Visit the North Pole and hang out with Santa….. Because only in the mountains can you get away with that in the summer.

Add a fun adventure up to the top of Pikes Peak after you visit the North Pole!

14. Sample the “Springs”

FREE!! Bring your own water bottle and sample each of the 8 naturally flowing, mineral springs in Manitou Springs.

15. Go to a house concert

How about a concert in someone’s front yard? Check out the house concerts in Colorado Springs http://house-concerts.org/index2.asp

16. Work out on a Wednesday

A work out on a Wednesday! Check out these 5 to 7 mile bike rides from McCabe’s Tavern.

17. Uncle Wilbur

Take a dip in the Uncle Wilbur Fountain! Mini water park…. well sort of.

18. Indoor REAL water park!

Have an indoor REAL water park day at Great Wolf Lodge

19. American Classics Marketplace

Find a hidden treasure at American Classics Marketplace

20. A Theater Production with Garden of the Gods as a backdrop

Check out TheatreWorks and Rock Ledge Ranch perfect partnership and see a theater production with Garden of the Gods as your backdrop

21. Sell your stuff, or buy!

Try to buy, OR SELL, your stuff at the Colorado Springs Flea Market

22. Try being a cowhand!

June 20th through August 11th, don’t just sit in the stands at a Rodeo but try your hand at being a cowhand, so cool!! http://www.cosrodeo.com 

23. Turn into a botanist

This summer, watch the calendar for free sessions offered through the summer to learn about plants and what is blooming in Cheyenne Canon.

24. Check out the Old North End Neighborhood Yard Sale

Pick up some good reads and maybe even some designer ware at the annual Old North End Neighborhood Yard Sale that typically happen in late June! https://www.facebook.com/ONENcos/

25. What if Festival

Hit up the “What If Festival” in Colorado Springs on September 8th for Innovation & Imagination  http://whatif-festival.org

26. Pikes Peak Urban Gardens

They let YOU be the harvester and take your Farmers Market to the next level!

27. Night ride in June on your bikes!

Starlight, Star Bright: String Christmas lights on your bikes and join the group riding through the springs, in June!

28. Take a peaceful, meditation walk

through the outdoor Labyrinth at Benet Hill Monastery. This walk is built into nature in Black Forest and it’s important to keep your eyes pealed for tree roots and branches. Take it as symbolism for your mind meditation as you travel your way to the center

29. Mt. Muscoco trail

Another hidden gem hike, and the most exciting new trail in the area is Mt. Muscoco trail

30. Hike with the kiddos

The best hiking area for the families with kiddos is the Fountain Creek Nature Center, tons to explore and safer options for hiking with the little ones.

31. The Incline

If you’re a glutton for punishment (at least in my eyes) the famous Manitou Incline will give you a run for your athletic money!

32. Outdoor concerts

Check out different outdoor music events in the Colorado Springs area, including University Village Colorado on Fridays, Gold Hill Mesa on Saturdays, and Wolf Ranch on Wednesdays.

33. Take a fly fishing class!

Take a class at Angler’s Covey

34. Fly fishing pros

If you’re already a fly fishing professional, Eleven Mile Canyon on the South Platte River is one of the last great spots in the Springs where Verizon & AT&T can’t find you.

35. We all scream for ice cream!

Okay, we don’t ever say “NO” to Ice Cream, but what is better than a summer evening with a cone of delicious ice cream!? Answer: NOTHING! Check out Josh and John’s ice cream and test out every flavor!

36. Food trucks!

Try a food truck! Each night, Red Leg Brewery offers different local food trucks outside their doors

37. Take a picture with a wolf!

Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center in Divide, Colorado offers summer, full moon feeding tours, eekkk!

38. Soak in a mineral water tub

Follow the natural spring water into SunWater Spa in Manitou Springs, cool, clear nights are perfect for soaking in the beneficial mineral water tubs

39. Old-fashioned soft serve

Get an old-fashioned soft serve cone at a walk up window at BJ’s Velvet Freeze. A local favorite for MANY years.

40. 2018 Lantern Fest

May 5th (okay we hope the weather is summer like by then) take your eyes to the sky for the 2018 Lantern Fest along the I-25 corridor from Denver all the way through Colorado Springs.

41. Colorado Springs Sky Sox

Make sure you don’t miss the last season of the Colorado Springs Sky Sox AAA baseball, they’re not disappearing, just moving out of the Springs next season.

42. May Natural History Museum

Explore the world’s largest private insect collect at the May Natural History Museum or the “Bug Museum” as I like to refer to it… there you will get to lay eyes on over 7,000 species!

43. Pick your own apples

When summer winds down, by August, apples, raspberries, and blackberries are ready for picking at Ferrara’s Happy Apple Farm.

44. Ride the Terror-Dactyl

Get your adrenaline pumping as you plummet 150 feet and pendulum across Williams Canyon on the “Terror-Dactyl” at Cave of the Winds just minutes from central Colorado Springs.

45. 2018 Labor Day Lift Off

Attend the 2018 Labor Day Lift Off and first thing in the morning, see 70 hot air balloons take off and enjoy breakfast and treats, entrance to the park is FREE

46. Broadmoor Summer Programs

Feel the need for speed…. and flight on a course over Manitou Springs or criss crossing over Cheyenne Canon, and experience the fun and luxury of a Broadmoor summer program.

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