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Sparkling Wine Drinks To Celebrate Your Housewarming

Posted by Susanna Haynie on August 9, 2016
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A housewarming party should be a celebration of a new beginning, new hopes, new dreams, and welcoming friends and family to the space where all the new memories will be made.

A crucial part of any housewarming party is delicious drinks. Armed with a bottle of Champagne or sparkling wine and some orange juice, anyone can whip up a mimosa cocktail. However, many people are intimidated about creating more unique cocktails. Maybe because the recipes require more than two ingredients or maybe because people think these drinks are impossible to make unless you’re a bartender.

The following cocktail recipes will prove those fears wrong and hopefully inspire you to take your sparkling wine cocktails to the next level.

Mango-Orange Bellini


For something similar to the classic mimosa, and just as fruity, try a bellini. Puréed mango and orange juice blend together to create a refreshing and summery drink. The best news? They’re easy to make. All you need is a blender, and you’re set mixing the mix with some sparkling wine.


Sparkling White Sangria

white sangria

Apples, oranges and nectarines keep this version of sangria sweet, frozen grapes keep it cool and sparkling wine keeps it bubbly. This version uses white instead of red wine because it’s lighter and perfect for a hot summer day. To mix it up, you can get creative with the fruit choices, amounts of alcohol, and sweeteners.

Strawberry Mimosa

strawberry mimosa


Summer means strawberries are at peak season ensuring they are fresh, cheap and easy to find. Mixed with pink moscato, this cocktail is a perfect representation of summer in a glass. You may want to go ahead and make a pitcher as this is a classic hit will rack up a ridiculous amount of sips.


Raspberry Champagne cocktail




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