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Sledding in Colorado Springs

Posted by Sarah Steen on December 5, 2022
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picture of two kids on a sled in the snow


When it’s snowing in Colorado Springs, kids and grownups put their snow gear on and head outside for some winter fun.  Really anything with a bit of incline is fun to slide down. If you prefer to have a destination in mind when taking off with your sledding crew, this list of unofficial sledding hills will help you find lots of fun – fast. No patience needed.

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Tips for a successful sledding adventure:

  • Remember that our snow doesn’t last long in the strong Colorado sun, so it’s ideal to head out while the snow is still falling.
  • Keep a close eye on younger kids since popular sledding hills can get busy and it’s easy for little ones to get run over in the chaos.
  • Be beware of stumps and sticks sticking out of the ground.
  • Check over the sledding area before taking your first run to make sure it’s free from hazards.

Sledding Options in Colorado Springs

Bear Creek Regional Park

21st Street & West Rio Grande Ave. Colorado Springs, CO 80906 and at the recreational park across Cresta
There are opportunities to sled in several places throughout the park.

Broadmoor Bluffs Park

5315 Farthing Dr Colorado Springs, CO 80906
Fun, gentle sledding at this neighborhood park.

Quail Lake Park

915 Cheyenne Mountain Blvd. Colorado Springs, CO 80906
Adventurous, steep sledding but it can get busy with bigger kids. 

Madison Park

2112 North Murray Blvd. Colorado Springs, CO 80909
Very gentle slope for sledding. Small neighborhood park.

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Wasson Park

1910 North Circle Dr Colorado Springs, CO 80909
Great hill at the park: gentle but still good enough to get some speed. Larger space so there’s plenty of room even if it gets busy.

Van Diest Park

1520 South Chelton Rd Colorado Springs, CO 80910
Very gentle slope.

Mesa Ridge High School

6070 Mesa Ridge Parkway, Colorado Springs, Co 80911
As with most school sledding areas there is lots of room to sled and park.

Village Green Park

3590 Carefree Circle North Colorado Springs, CO 80917

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Jack Templeton Park (High Chaparral Open Space)

5347 Rose Ridge Ln, Colorado Springs, CO 80917
Definitely a great place for sledding with a short but steeper slope than other locations. 

Cottonwood Creek Park

7040 Rangewood Dr Colorado Springs, CO 80918
Great sledding location but it will get busy.


Keller Park

14950 Meadowland Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80918

Mountain Shadows Park

5151 Flying W Ranch Rd Colorado Springs, CO 80919

Trailblazer Elementary School

2015 Wickes Road, Colorado Springs, Co 80919

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Woodstone Park

1315 Carlson Dr. Colorado Springs, CO 80919

Hewlett Packard Hill in Rockrimmon

305 S. Rockrimmon Blvd., Colorado Springs, CO 80919

John Venezia Community Park in Briargate

3555 Briargate Pkwy., Colorado Springs, CO 80920
Good slope on the southern border of the new park.

Kathleen O’Neal Marriage Park

2320 Amberwood Ln Colorado Springs, CO 80920
This is a fun long slope for sledding! It’s a must visit!

Jenkins Middle School

6410 Austin Bluffs Pkwy, Colorado Springs, CO 80923
Great slopes to sled!

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Eugene McCleary Park

5214 Pioneer Mesa Dr. Colorado Springs, CO 80923

Garden of the Gods

1805 N. 30th St, Colorado Springs, CO 80904 (Off Niabara Trail-East side)

Woodmoor Commons Toboggan Hill Monument

Deer Creek Rd.
A big park with a long but not too steep slope.

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Sledding Options in Teller County

Mueller State Park

4 different hills for different ages. Park entrance fee required.


Rampart Sled Hill

Take Rampart Range Road almost up to Road 312 and the hill will be on your right side. Great slope and long enough to build some speed.

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Sledding and Tubing throughout Colorado

Here’s a great list of tubing options beyond the Front Range. Please note the new COVID restrictions in the tubing parks and resort tubing areas. Reservations are required and same day reservations might not be available.

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