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Registering Your Vehicle In Colorado Springs

Posted by Susanna Haynie on August 23, 2013
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Colorado law requires that motor vehicle  registration be obtained upon residency.  Our team at Colorado Springs Real Estate Group often sees clients moving from another state struggle with this process since it tends to be a bit more cumbersome than most states. In order to do this there are steps which must be complete prior to registration taking place.  You are required to have your vehicle VIN verified prior to actual registration. If you are a military member (active/retired) you can have this done at either the Peterson AFB Visitor Center (West Gate) or the Fort Carson Police Station.


VIN verification in Colorado Springs:

The Colorado Springs Police Department does VIN Verification checks on:

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10 AM to 2 PM and is subject to volunteer availability.

It is recommended citizens call the station before proceeding to the location to verify a volunteer is on duty.

  • Gold Hill station, 955 West Moreno Ave:            719-385-2100, press #3
  • Falcon station, 7850 Goddard Street:                 719-444-7420, press #3
  • Stetson Hills station, 4110 Tutt Blvd:                  719-444-3140, press #3


Exhaust Readers I$10 with test / $15 without test(719)260-6629
Exhaust Readers II$10 with test / $15 without test(719)574-7063
Springs Auto Truck and RV Service Center$10(719)382-0363
Licensed Auto Dealers*Call for Fee AmountN/A


A VIN Verification Form (DR2698) can also be  completed by a licensed Colorado motor vehicle dealer, a licensed Colorado emissions testing station, or military base security.

 On Fort Carson:

Colorado Vehicle Identification Number verifications will be conducted at the Fort Carson Police Station, building 2700, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday-Friday.

Peterson AFB:

Before you get a VIN verification on Peterson, make sure the DMV accepts it. I have heard that they will not accept Peterson Security Services or the Peterson Auto Center VIN Certification documents.

Sometimes you will find some mobile verification in front of or next to offices. I have seen one at the South Powers DMV.   This may cost $20.00.  You will be issued a certificate that you will have to take with you to registration.

To exempt you from paying “ownership tax”, the vehicle must be in the active duty member’s name and an affidavit (DR2667) must be completed and signed by the active duty military members commander.

For vehicles less than 60 days old, you must bring your purchase agreement that shows taxes paid prior to registration.

Take all of these required documents to a Vehicle Registration Branch:

  • ownership (original bill of sale),
  • proof of current insurance
  • current provincial registration
  • driver’s license
  • MilitaryID card
  • VIN verification certificate

If you are coming from overseas or military registration:

  • VIN verification
  • a special POA that lists VIN # (if DH doesn’t come)
  • latest LES
  • copy of DH’s orders
  • proof of insurance
  • former registration (i.e. overseas)
  • military ID
  • car title
  • cash

Arrive early, these offices are very busy. I have been successful walking up straight to the service desk without wait-time, at the downtown office when I arrived at 8am. Feel free to check the displayed waiting times on the El Paso DMV website. Expedited service is often given to active duty/military personnel.

I am buying (or selling) a vehicle to another private party. What should I do?

In order to transfer the ownership of a vehicle, you must sign over the Colorado title to the new buyer(s). Keep in mind that all sellers and buyers must hand print and sign their name on the title, fill in the purchase amount and record the mileage at the time of transfer. The plates that are on the vehicle belong to the seller (not the vehicle), so it is important that the seller keeps them.

The buyer(s) may drive the vehicle from the place of purchase to their home, or to the Motor Vehicle Office, without plates the day of purchase, but must have the signed and executed title with them. After that day, the buyer(s) must have a current registration for the vehicle in their name in order to drive the vehicle legally. The buyer(s) may complete this title transfer and registration at the Motor Vehicle office. The buyer(s) must bring with them the title properly completed, along with proof of Colorado insurance, a weight slip if applicable (for trucks between 4,501 and 10,000 lbs), proof of emissions (if a diesel) and Secure and Verifiable Identification.

In the event there is a lien on the vehicle for the seller, the title will not be available, so the buyer(s) needs a bill of sale, a letter from the current lienholder stating the lien has been paid and the title is in the process of being released to the seller, and a copy of their current Colorado insurance card in order to request temporary registration while waiting for the title from the seller.

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