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Program For Young Adults with Special Needs in Colorado Springs [updated]

Posted by Susanna Haynie on April 19, 2016

Transition Program for YOUNG Adults with special needs

I have a daughter with special needs. She has Down Syndrome. Not a big deal, really. Not a big deal, until we need to change services, school districts, or (when we were still in the military) relocate.

Since we have retired from the Army, we fortunately do not have to move anymore, however, Anna just graduated from high school and is transitioning into the…wait for it…Transition program. The service is supposed to help the student and caregivers to bridge the path from student to professional life.

What is the “Transition Program”?

The Transition Program is a collection of flexible community based services for 18- to 21-year old students with  ongoing needs in on or more of the following post-secondary areas: education/training, career/employment, independent living. Services are provided in collaboration with adult service providers.

Since we live in School District 12 – I will quote what D-12 has to say:

We believe that students (18-21) who access transition services should have a variety of educational experiences, job related training, technological skill development, functional skill development, and access to community resources/agencies, which will allow them to develop the skill necessary to live more independently and become participating members within our community.

Transition Services are…..

•    individualized and based on the student post-secondary school goals outlined in the student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP)
•    designed to build skills necessary to attain post-secondary school goals
•    designed to bridge school-based services to community services

Source: D-12

Note: The Transition Program is broadly considered or at least talked about as a 3 year program. (18-21)However, depending on how your students birthday falls or the student stayed back in school (held back) he or she will only qualify until age 21. The age reference is not meant as “the YEAR he/she turns 21” but services basically end on the day he/she turns 21….

Personal Opinion:

I am glad you asked. We are one week into our transition program here in D-12. I have received assistance and guidance which is very much appreciated, however, the sheer length of my To-Do list is very overwhelming, but…. one step at a time, right? We’ll have to see how everything continues and how Anna likes her new environment.

This week she started to “work” a few hours a week as a PE teacher’s assistant at a D-12 elementary school. She has someone shadowing her during her whole time there (I like this very much). I was told depending on how Anna is doing they will extend her hours.

Anna is not very verbal and the district is trying very hard to determine which professional environment Anna would enjoy (with our input) and is guiding her this way. I appreciate all that, but to be honest, I don’t think Anna gets the “job thing”, so it remains to be seen just exactly HOW MUCH this will help her. In the mean time, 3 x times a week she is in a community setting only for 4 hours at a time and I am a bit fearful that she’ll regress in the few communication skills she has. Our current solution is to individually sign her up with group programs.

Depending on where you live please contact the Transition Program coordinator to learn more about your district’s Transition Program. There are many resources for you out there. I know, I have just scratched the surface and I am hopeful to complete most of my T0 Do list items soon.

Transition Services updated for 2016

District 2, Harrison

Theresa Felton
2250 Jetwing Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80916
(719) 579-3257
District 3, Widefield
Katie Ueberroth
930 Leta Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80911
(719) 391-2208
District 8, Fountain-Fort Carson
Angie Brown,(719) 382-1640, akaltenbachbrown@ffc8.org
Juliette Cutillo,  719-382-1657, jcutillo@ffc8.org
900 Jimmy Camp Road
Fountain, CO 80917
District 11, Colorado Springs
Adrienne Propsom, (719) 520-2533, adrienne.propsom@d11.org
2560 International Circle
Colorado Springs, CO 80910
District 12, Cheyenne Mountain
Nicole Beauvais
1200 Cresta Road
Colorado Springs, CO 80906
(719) 243-0075
District 20, Academy
1450 Chapel Hills Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80920
Chris Brandt
(719) 234-6026
Sarah Roberts
(719) 234-6031
Kim VanValkenburg
(719) 234-6033
District 38, Lewis Palmer
66 N. Jefferson Street
Monument, CO 80132
Barbara Weber
(719) 867-8619
Robert Tegtmeier
(719) 757-1518
District 49, Falcon
Ethan Steinberg
10850 East Woodmen Road
Peyton, CO 80831
Colorado School for the Deaf & Blind
Tera Lynn Gray
33 N. Institute Colorado Springs,
CO 80903
(719) 578-2215
www.csdb.org tgray@csdb.org
Pikes Peak BOCES (Big SAndy, Calhan, Edison, Elbert, Ellicott, Fremont RE-2, Hanover, Miami-Yoder, Peyton School Districts)
Sonya Teigen
4825 Lorna Place
Colorado Springs, CO 80915
(719) 380-625
Ute Pass BOCES (Cripple Creek-Victor, Manitou Springs D-14, Woodland Park RE-2 School Districts)
Chris Litzelman 719-685-2640 clitzelman@upboces.org
405 El Monte Place
Manitou Springs, CO 80829
Of course, all contact info are subject to change, but at least it gets you started in the right direction.

2 thoughts on “Program For Young Adults with Special Needs in Colorado Springs [updated]

  • Dianne Le
    on November 11, 2020

    What happens to these children after the transition is finished? Where do they go if let’s say their parents are unable to continue to take care of them, and they are unable to take care of themselves as well?

    • on February 7, 2021

      Dianne there are programs for that as well and the transition program will assist you in figuring it out.

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