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Printable Winter Checklist For Your Home

Posted by Susanna Haynie on November 19, 2012
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The weather in Colorado Springs has been quite tame so far this fall. We really haven’t had extremes -only a few cold nights. This means you still have plenty of time to get your winter checklist done before a real cold system comes in and challenges the systems in your home!

Download and print this winter checklist for your home.

Winter checklist, preparation, furnace vents heating

Preparing your home for the winter can also safe you $$ in utility cost. Your furnace will thank you for proper servicing by always working and working efficiently. Just like your furnace, your AC is an expensive part of your home that needs some TLC this time of year to make it through many seasons!

Winter Check list Plumbing heating, windows and doors

Avoid burst pipes by insulating them. Get needed supplies from your local hardware store. Sealing windows and doors can also save you lots of money that you maybe rather spend on your family than give to the utility company. A gutter check should be on your list at least twice a year anyway! BTW have you checked the batteries in your smoke detectors? Do you have carbon monoxide detectors installed within 15 feet of each bedroom?

Winter checklist for outside your home

It might be already too late to get a coat of sealant on your deck. If so, just safe that for spring. Chances are your deck just might make it through one more winter, then just give it some extra TLC with proper repairs and extra paint or stain.

Winter emergency kit

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