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Moving Survival Tips – Part 1 (free printable checklist)

Posted by Susanna Haynie on February 2, 2013
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Moving survival tips part 1Are you ready to move (or in military speak: PCS) to Colorado Springs or are you on your way out? Either way, if you are preparing for a moving company to “pack you out” then here is my personal collection of “Moving Survival Tips” Part 1. To download this list as a free printable moving checklist,scroll down and click:

  • Thaw your freezer a few days before packers are coming
  • Prepare a “Open me first box” for each room. In each room pile items that you will need for this particular room. In kids’ room that’s probably linens, blankets, pillows and such. In the bathroom it’s probably the toilet paper, soap, towels. Think about what YOU need and pile it up – put a big sign ‘open me first box’ and tell movers to pack this in it’s own separate box and label it as such. I have actually marked these boxes with colorful duct-tape myself, to find it easily in a stack of boxes.
  • Empty all trashcans, diaper genies, pet toilets and cages, ashtrays….
  • All batteries must be removed from items
  • Set original packing boxes next to their items for packers to pack
  • All items and appliances are clean and dry as to avoid any kind of mold during shipping/storage
  • Double check the serial numbers listed on the packers’ inventory list with the numbers you have on your list
  • Group all your electronics together
  • Check that they marked conditions correctlyI have read that others have packed their personal files into a box and labeled it “kids artwork” to prevent identity theft.
  • Review Plasma TV prep it for transport and storage.
  • Dishwasher, refrigerators, appliances…prep it for transport and storage.
  • Use zip ties or garbage bag ties to gather cables and electronic accessories that would fit or be well kept in a bag.
  • Oh, and LABEL LABEL LABEL! I have a little label machine and the kids actually love using it.  So in preparation we go around the house and zip, bag, and label everything we can. We also bag or stick the remote controls to the electronics.
  • I suggest that while you work at disassembling items in your house you also, might as well clean them (yard tools, dusty electronics, etc.
  • For lawn mower, you must not only drain the fuel but the oil as well.
  • For motorcycle, drain fuel, disconnect terminal from battery, and tape it. Oil may remain in the tank, but make sure there is no leakage. If you are putting motorcycle into long-term storage (NTS), remove the battery.
  • You must disconnect all appliances.
  • The hose to your washer should be unhooked and water drained.
  • Waterbed should be drained completely, no water dripping on pack date or movers will not pack it.

Free printable moving survival check list part 1

==> Will you have the strength to move yourself?

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