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Moving Survival Tips

Posted by Susanna Haynie on February 2, 2013
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Are you ready to move (or PCS if you’re in the military) to Colorado Springs or are you on your way out? If you are preparing for a moving company to pack your goods, my collection of Moving Survival Tips will help make your move as smooth as possible.

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  • Thaw your freezer a few days before packers arrive.
  • Prepare a “Open First” box for each room. Think about the priority items you will need first in your new home and add them to this box. For bedrooms, this box will likely include linens, blankets, pillows, etc. A bathroom box would include toilet paper, soap, towels, and tissues. Mark the box with the room name and “OPEN ME FIRST.” I have actually marked these boxes with colorful duct tape so I can find them easily in a stack of boxes.
  • Empty all trashcans, diaper genies, pet toilets and cages, ashtrays, etc.
  • Remove all batteries from electronics.
  • Set original packing boxes next to their items for packers to pack.
  • Ensure all items and appliances are clean and dry to avoid any kind of mold during shipping/storage.
  • Double-check the serial numbers listed on the packers’ inventory list with the numbers you have on your list.
  • Group all your electronics together.
  • Check that packers mark conditions correctly.
  • Pack personal files into a box and label it “Kids Artwork” to prevent identity theft.
  • Review plasma TV and prep it for transport and storage.
  • Use zip ties or garbage bag ties to gather cables and electronic accessories that would fit or be well kept in a bag.
  • Oh, and LABEL, LABEL, LABEL! I have a little label machine and the kids love using it.  We go around the house and zip, bag, and label everything we can. We also bag or stick the remote controls to the electronics.
  • Clean items as you disassemble them (yard tools, etc).
  • For lawnmowers, drain the fuel and oil.
  • For motorcycles, drain fuel, disconnect the terminal from the battery, and tape it. Oil may remain in the tank, but make sure there is no leakage. If you are putting a motorcycle into long-term storage (NTS), remove the battery.
  • Disconnect all appliances.
  • Washer hose should be unhooked and water drained.
  • The waterbed should be drained completely with no water dripping on the pack date or movers will not pack it.
  • Leave china in cabinets and clothes in dressers and closets; do not remove them.
  • Do not unpack a brand-new item that is still in the box. The carrier will annotate it as such, but will not assemble items for you at the destination.
  • Outdoor items such as a swing set, playground equipment, utility shed, and chain link fence must be disassembled
  • Chain link fence must be rolled.
  • Bring down outdoor TV antenna.
  • Whatever you disassemble or are required to do so, you must assemble at your destination. Whatever the movers disassemble, they are required to assemble at the destination.
  • ALWAYS keep ALL instruction manuals in one plastic box. These days you can access instruction manuals online, but it’s not fun if your computer is not set up and you have to search for it on your tiny phone screen. I keep all of mine in a plastic file box with a handle. I know exactly where everything is and have access to it.
  • Keep all extra cables and attachments in one drawer.
  • Don’t let the movers partially load the truck/containers and then come back the next day.
  • Have ice and water available for the movers and packers. Some go further and offer soda and/or pizza and add an extra tip for each packer.
  • Don’t let the packers take clothes off their hangers. Insist on wardrobe boxes for clothes from the closet.
  • Know where the “Screws Box” is. Ensure it’s labeled correctly.
  • Make an inventory of all your expensive valuables.
  • Make a plan for food and sleeping arrangements. You’d be surprised how easy it is to forget even the simple things.
  • Don’t leave the house and be available as much as possible to supervise the packers, and loaders, and to answer questions.

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