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Phone, Cable, Internet, Television Providers In Colorado Springs

Posted by Susanna Haynie on August 8, 2012
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Communications Providers in Colorado Springs

Communications Providers in Colorado Springs

Latest when you move you’ll have to take a closer look at your communications providers. These days there are plenty of options depending of what you want. Are you sick and tired of the cost for a home phone? Then you might decide to go with MagicJack or just simply with your smart phone. Maybe you don’t care about the TV charges? Roku, HULU and Netflix might be an answer for you.

Here is a list to help you explore more Colorado Springs Communication providers:

AT&T Var.Locations in Town ie. Southgate
Baja Broadband 877-422-5282(Ft.Carson only)
Century Link 866-642-0444
Comcast/Xfinity 800-COMCAST
DIRECTTV 888-777-2454
Dish Network 800-823-4929
Iphone 719-522-4460
Peterson Broadband 866-411-3278 (Peterson AFB only)
Verizon Var.Locations in Town ie. Southgate
WCTV.NET 800-843-4742
SKYBEAM 888-759-2376
US CABLE 800-480-7020

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