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PCSing to Colorado Springs: House Hunting Without Using Your Leave Days

Posted by Susanna Haynie on March 13, 2013
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You have received your PCS orders to Colorado Springs! Depending on your service branch and your designation you will be stationed in any of the local military bases:

Now it’s time to figure out where you will live when you get here:

On post/base: – You can apply in any of the military installation housing offices for housing. One of my wonderful clients was able to get housing on the Air Force Academy. A great place to live!

Off post/base: How much will it cost? Which schools will they attend? How far is it to work from our house?

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Permissive TDY (free leave!) for House Hunting:

This is not a direct monetary allowance, but still has value. The military will allow up to 10 days for house hunting/rental search. These days will not be deducted from your collected leave/vacation days.

You can schedule Permissive TDY before you actually move or do it when you arrive at your new duty station. Ask your command for the rules in your losing unit if you want to take it before you are leaving, and you’ll have to ask your gaining command if you’d like to take it after you arrive. Don’t necessarily count on the gaining unit to allow it.  It’s such a great relief when you know you have a place to live once you arrive in Colorado Springs. No waiting in hotel rooms until there is a vacancy or until you can lease/close on your home.

Before you go on a house hunting trip to Colorado Springs, do some research ahead of time:

==>PCSing with an Special Needs family member in the EFMP (Exceptional Family Member Program)

Beware: There is no per diem allowance for permissive TDY, nor are you reimbursed for travel costs (plane tickets, rental cars, etc.).  These are out of pocket expenses!  Sometimes it IS worth the expenses to get the right house in the perfect neighborhood for you.  Another technique is to send one member of the family to the new location (you, for example!) and minimize costs by driving yourself and staying with friends. It will be a wonderful feeling to know that you have a place to stay when you get to Colorado Springs.

If you need any help in this process please call me! I have been in your shoes!

click here to download your Colorado Springs Neighborhoods Guide Download

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