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We are PCSing! Tips To Prep For The Movers

Posted by Susanna Haynie on January 3, 2016
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Relocation/PCSING TipsPCSing – It’s an Adventure!

While I think I have added enough detail on how to prepare for your next relocation in Part 1 of my moving checklist, I have collected a few more tips from other PCS (military speak for moving) veterans, which then were added in part 2. But WAIT! There is more!

When you think you are all ready and prepared for the move, take a look at this list below to see yet another collection of suggestions for moving day.

In defense of movers, I will say that it is not their job to empty the trashcans, coffee grinds, or diaper genies. It’s also not their job to really pay attention to what needs to go and what doesn’t. It should all be cleaned, sorted, and labeled by the owners. Everyone is stressed during this time and team work will certainly help to make it through.

While the movers are at the house:

  • Every once in a while look at how the truck is being loaded. Make sure that no breakables are being shoved under heavy furniture.
  • Books and picture frames shouldn’t be packed in the same box. Chances are the frames or the glass in it will break.
  • Many military family members will keep their original computer boxes and styrofoam. If you do not have original packaging, make sure any computer items, especially monitors, are wrapped well to avoid damage.
  • Make sure all appliances are clean and empty. Empty the coffee maker, diaper genie, trashcan, litter box, etc.
  • Secure the screws and bolts for furniture so that upon arrival, beds and other furniture can be put back together
  • Make sure furniture is not stuffed with items.
  • Make sure that certain furniture items is not stored in the truck sideways.
  • Put a sign on your master bathroom door that it is only for family use.
  • Do not let movers push furniture across the driveway. This could break off the feet of the furniture.

BEFORE the movers leave:

  • Check all cupboards and cabinets for anything left behind. If you find anything and it is supposed to go on the truck, you’ll be glad you did! The best way to do this is to check all the packed rooms first, then once items are being loaded, inspect all the empty rooms. This can be done as the loading happens, so no one needs to frantically run through the house and check.

BEFORE the loaded truck leaves your house:

  • Once everyone is in the truck and ready to go, hold them up for one more minute to make sure that all boxes are loaded. Is everything off the porch? Out of the garage?

Pile everything into your DO NOT PACK room:

  • All unaccompanied luggage and hand carry
  • Though building material should not be packed, it could happen. If you need items that belong to your rental or your home to stay at the house, move it into an area that should not be packed. Ideally label it with “Don’t pack” as well.
  • On-post housing or rental keys and remotes that need to be turned in after the pack out.
  • Satellite TV receivers or other electronics that have to be turned into your utilities companies.
  • In fact anything that needs to be returned should be in this room (books, CD’s, friends’ items).
  • Anything that is simply not supposed to be packed.
  • Any perishable food items
  • Animals, particularly cats that like to hide in or under furniture.
  • Valuables – inventory them and hand carry.
  • Eyeglasses, contacts, toiletries, medicines that you want to hand carry.
  • Label the fridge as “Do Not Pack” otherwise you might find the sour milk stinking up your household goods.

Be prepared to possibly find:PCSing Tips

  • Your trashcans packed with trash still in it
  • Random small items thrown into boxes with baking pans and other large and heavy items.
  • Instead of hanging up items in the tall wardrobe boxes, stuffing them in the bottom of the box instead.
  • Movers are too slow or movers are too fast for allotted time.
  • Mixing items from several different rooms and mislabeling them.
  • Paperclips poured into a box with electronics.
  • When you unpack you might find someone else’s items, keepsakes, and ornaments.

My experience was:

  • Not to let the movers unpack. I have heard other families loving it. I was not too happy with the unpack job. It was more like dumping everything in rooms.
  • There is a chance that the packing out time was underestimated.

Moving is always stressful, no matter just how well you plan. It just is. Sometimes things go smoother than other times. Do you have any more tips?

I would like to make PCSing/relocation as smooth as possible for you. Give me a call if you have any questions about Colorado Springs!

Thank you Lifelessonsmilitarywife for your Inspiration!

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    I’m going to be moving soon, and I want to make sure I hire the best movers to help me. The problem is is that I’m having a really hard time finding some. This being said, I really appreciate you giving me some insight about how I can hire the right movers. I definitely think that if I were to have some help like this, that it’ll make moving a lot less stressful.

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