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OKTOBERFEST’s in Colorado

Posted by Susanna Haynie on September 20, 2015
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Oktoberfest in Colorado

Find an Oktoberfest in Colorado

Here is a great list of Oktoberfests with a little description of events within the Oktoberfest(s).  Here is a list and links that the German American Chamber of Commerce assembled for anyone looking to celebrate.
Make it a weekend: Do a run on one day through the gorgeous bright yellow Aspen forests here in Colorado (try a half marathon from Snowmass to Aspen the “Golden Leaf Run”), reward yourself afterward with an Oktoberfest visit, stay overnight and enjoy even more the fall colors on a light hike the next day.
If you want to have your own Oktoberfest, then take a look at my Oktoberfest pin collection over on Pinterest. It’s actually my Family Pinterest account but feel free to follow the Haynie Family AND the Susanna Haynie the Realtor.

Oktoberfest is in my blood

I am a transplant. I came to the US with my Army husband in 1993.
There are only a few times a year when my heart gets heavy because I am not in Germany: one of them is Christmas time. I miss it. Every. Year. For. 20. years. now.  The other time is German Mardi Gras, Fasching, Fastnacht, Carneval -it’s considered the 5th season and as teen and young tween ….well, let’s just say it was fun.
To me, Mardi Gras means being with friends and long nights. With these fun times on my mind, I have started to try and recreate this memory, particularly in the past few years…Mardi Gras celebrations are not big in Colorado Springs, therefore I figured that there is no better way than to accomplish this during Oktoberfest season.
At the beginning of September I start looking at my fest calendar and start planning. This is the time when I dust off my Dirndls (traditional German ladies dress) and make my husband wear Lederhosen. The kids used to dress up too, but the boys are now 16 and 20 and frown on leather shorts, with suspenders and flowers on it. I can only enthuse my daughter to play along, because dirndls are pretty.
The past 4 years I have held my own Oktoberfest (taking a break this year though) at home and I have always tried to keep it as authentic and fun as possible.  Not sure if you can make it through this clip, but that just gives you a little taste of the kind of fun we are having.  Not ashamed of it.  My heritage.  ME.

Speaking strictly from the view of a  German and one that is seeking the “true” spirit of the celebration every year, some Colorado Oktoberfests are more authentic than others and with some I actually cringe. But…oh well… I am learning to let go!

Unlike my favorite Christmas market in Colorado, I have not found my favorite Oktoberfest event – yet. I will make it a point over the next few years to find one (and tell you about it).  It would seem that this might become a never ending search and I could actually be just fine with it, as I can happily continue to “Fest-Visit” my way through Colorado. I’ll always have a great excuse to go to another fest and another and another. What’s wrong with that?

Oktoberfest fun Colorado Springs

Oktoberfest fun – put the nail in the bottle

I do have an Oktoberfest 101 that everyone has to listen and “adhere” to when they are coming to my house to celebrate. Let me know if you are interested. I’ll send it to you.

 Otherwise: Drink responsibly and don’t drink and drive. 🙂

One thought on “OKTOBERFEST’s in Colorado

  • Leslie Rozzi
    on September 20, 2015

    What a great read! Yes, I would love to read your Oktoberfest 101 tips. Leslie

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