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Off Roading in Colorado: Poker Run near Sedalia

Posted by Susanna Haynie on October 10, 2012
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Spring Poker Run Off Road Biking in Colorado This weekend my husband and I participated in the Rampart Range  Poker Run.

First of all: What’s a Poker Run? You can find Poker Runs for all sports. It’s a non competitive event in which not the fastest participant wins but the luckiest. At the end of your ‘race’ or tour, you will go up to the tent and draw cards. Whowever gets the best hand wins. At some events they let you draw a card at the individual checkpoints but there have been too many problems with folks losing cards, that more and more events tend to have the cards pulled at the end.Off Road Biking in the Front Range of Colorado

The backstory: My husband is the greatest outdoorsman and adventurer. I, personally, am fine with a 5k and a beer afterward, however my competitive spirit will not let my husband do 99% of those outdoor ‘adventures’ by himself. I hate to be outdone. This is the reason why I obtained my skydiving license (long expired though), divers license and a motorcycle drivers license.

This year DH (dear husband) bought me a Yamaha TTR 230 for my birthday. It’s not easy to admit but this is a great little ‘whip’ – I can do anything with this little rocket. DH also signed me up for an Off Road Motorcycle Poker Run. Over the last two weeks I have taken short, heart stopping husband lead off road trips to prepare for this event. This also included a 75$ ticket (really only briefly) using National Forest roads ….Off Road fun in the foothills Colorado, Front Range

Yesterday was the day!

We drove up to Castle Rock turned towards Sedalia and up into the Front Range Hills. A not ending line of motorcyclist followed us up. We found out that there were over 400 participants and bikes participating. The weather was perfect, the trails were very well marked and the motorcyclists were generally helpful and VERY friendly. Just a great atmosphere.  I counted a total of 5 women inlcuding one 12 year old girl riding with her dad – so cool btw.

Fortunately, DH only signed us up for the short run, which meant I had to complete 25 miles of riding through winding woodsy trails. We didn’t have to race, though finally getting the bike out of 2nd gear into 3rd was a very joyous occasion for me. Technically, I learned so much: How to get the bike up a steep hill when it dies on me. How to shift while going up, dealing with sliding in sand and much more.

We stopped a couple times to take in the scenery and talk with fellow riders. After two and a half hours of riding we had completed our tour. If you are in the area in fall, you might want to stop by or participate in the fall poker run. Come up the night before and camp at Flat Rock Campground, start your tour refreshed the next day.Off road fun in the front range, Sedalia

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