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Moving Survival Tips – Part 2 (printable checklist)

Posted by Susanna Haynie on February 19, 2013
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I have recently posted Part 1 of my Moving Tips Checklist a – here is Part 2. These are just suggestions, moving is different in different situations, but take these tips as a guideline. Feel free to add your own comments at the bottom!

  • Leave china in cabinet and clothes in dressers and closets; do not remove.
  • Do not pack anything. It is the carrier’s responsibility i
  • If you have a brand new item, do not unpack it; carrier will annotate it as such, but will not assemble items for you at destination.
  • Outdoor items such as swing set, playground equipment, utility shed, and chain link fence must be disassembled by you. Chain link fence must be rolled.
  • You must bring down outdoor TV antenna.
  • Whatever you disassemble or are required to do so, you must assemble at destination. Whatever the movers disassemble, they are required to assemble at destination.
  • If you have more than one shipment, segregate (unaccompanied baggage)
  • I am usually not very organized but I have ALWAYS kept ALL instruction manuals in one plastic box. These days you can access instruction manuals online, but if you computer is not set up and you have to search for it, it’s not fun. I keep all of mine in a plastic file box with a handle. I know exactly where everything is and have access to it.
  • I keep all extra cables and attachments in one drawer. I just want to avoid going to the store and spending money when I actually have at home what I need. Important is that I know where I can find it.
  • Don’t let the movers partially load truck/containers and then come back the next day. Never had that happen to me but beware that this is a no-no.
  • Do have ice and water available for the movers, some go further and offer soda and/or pizza and add an extra tip to each packer. I personally, have never tipped, but I have provided food and soda before. I have scaled down a lot after I have provided all kinds of goodies for our movers on one move and they treated our things so poorly… Nowadays I know to call the JPPSO and tell them what’s going on.
  • Don’t let the packers take clothes off their hangers
  • Are all open me first boxes are packed and labeled/marked as such?
  • Do you know where the “screws box” is? Is it labeled as such?
  • Did you make an inventory of all you expensive /valuables?
  • What are you eating tonight ? What are you sleeping on? Sounds obvious? You’d be surprised how in a mess, like getting your house cleaned up you can forget even the most simple things.
  • Don’t leave the house and be available as much as possible to supervise the packers, loaders and to answer questions.

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