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Moving By Yourself To/Out Of Colorado Springs

Posted by Susanna Haynie on March 5, 2013
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Moving by yourselfMoving your family is always a huge undertaking and doing it all by yourself seems even more daunting. While I don’t want to seem overly protective, moving and traveling alone bears certain safety challenges for your family. Protect yourself with these precautions:

Before You Are Packed:

  • Tell only friends your exact moving days.
  • Consider having the post office hold all mail during your move, or have deliveries sent to a forwarding address. If you already have a home lined up for your family, avoid having packages or mail sent to the new address until you have actually moved in.
  • If you are moving from an apartment, ask your landlord not to give out your forwarding address.
  • Give the impression that you are not moving alone, that you have support and/or that your neighbors are keeping a very good eye on you and your house.
  • Get to know your new neighborhood before your moving truck arrives. Different cities and areas have different risks, so it pays to be prepared.

When Moving Into Your New Home:

  • Don’t tell new neighbors that you are moving in alone, at least not right away. Get to know your neighbors first.
  • Don’t pack valuables such as jewelry or silver with other items; keep them in the trunk of your car.
  • During the hussle and bussle of loading/unloading: Be aware of where you leave your purse and valuables someone could easily pick them up while you aren’t watching. Besides, for a few days there will be such a mess in your house, that having a special place for your purse and keys will be a good idea.
  • Maybe you were able to enlist help from friends to help you move in. Not only will this ease your work load but it will calm your nerves and make you feel safe.

Getting settled

  • If necessary change all your locks immediately.
  • Check all other possible entrances, such as windows or sliding glass doors, to make sure safety precautions are taken. (bolts, wooden pecks, do window locks work)
  • Attach inexpensive paper blinds to windows in order to protect your privacy from new nosy neighbors.
  • Because it is often necessary to have service people in to connect telephones, cable, gas and electricity, invite a friend over when service people are scheduled so you aren’t alone. And never tell a service person you live by yourself.

If you have more suggestions, I would love to hear them. Simply add them in the comment field below.

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