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Military Spouse Bloggers Help Military Families Grow

Posted by Susanna Haynie on February 17, 2012
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At first, blogging was viewed suspiciously – when it started 10 years ago. By now, blogging has become an acceptable way of expressing yourself to the world, help, make an impression. A lot of military spouses have taken to blogging. Some blogs are constructed as sort of a diary, others  aim to help, assist, support.SupportMilitarySpouses Either way they all have created a wonderful community and a  powerful voice.

In case you don’t know: There is a huge base of military spouses that blog. Some are strongholds such as Armywife101 – currently stationed in Fort Bragg and Life Lessons Of A Military Wife – who has the best tips on living in Europe. There are so many other fabulous and BIG influential spouse blogs, too many to mention them all! This reminds me: Household 6 Diva is another great blog, by an Army wife who is stationed in Germany and is bringing soldier life AND German life closer to you. She also has a Military Spouse blog directory and if you ever wondered just HOW many there are head on over and take a look at her list, maybe pick a few, visit and maybe comment. Bloggers LOVE comments!

BTW, if you ever have a question, go ahead and ask! Bloggers love comments but they also love to help. I know, because I used to be a military spouse blogger (we are retired military since 2012). My blog had to do with anything and everything moving or PCSing as the military says. Now that we are not active duty anymore I do sneak a military spouse blog post in every once in awhile. I just can’t help it. It’s such a great community.

Military Spouse Bloggers Help Our Military Families Grow!