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Leaving A School District – (free printable checklist)

Posted by Susanna Haynie on February 7, 2013
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Cheerleaders goofing around at Cheyenne mountain high school

Cheyenne Mountain Cheerleaders goofing around

There are so many moving pieces when you are getting ready to relocate, having a good plan on a timeline will keep you from feeling overwhelmed (most of the time anyways 🙂

Leaving a school district is usually not as difficult as finding the right school for your children or for yourself for that matter.


  • Notify the school no later than a week before that you will be leaving the school or district.
  • Ask for a copy of transcript (official one is mailed)
  • Sign a request to have official copy of transcripts sent to new school.
  • Ask for copy of IEPs and all evaluations available for students with special needs
  • Find out the latest date your child can check out of school and still receive full credit
  • Ask if the student can work on independent studies to complete a credit
  • Ask if the student can complete credits after he/she has left the school district
  • Ask if the school district can provide class work to allow the student to finish a class at his/her new school and earn credit at the previous school.
  • Request work that your child can do to keep current during a transfer.

These documents you should always keep on hand, but particularly in a move you’d want to know that you have them, preferably hand carry them:

  • Birth certificate
  • Social Security Number and card
  • Child’s military ID card if over 10 years
  • Immunization records
  • Copy of school transcript
  • 504 plans, Gifted Program Description, ESL, IEPs for students with special needs, referrals, medial records and information

Download these free checklists:

More resources for you:

CTA to download Colorado Springs Schools Guide

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