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Posted by Sarah Steen on October 18, 2019
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You are a real estate agent. You have goals and dreams and you are ready to pursue them. Why not do it in a company that allows you to reach those goals with all of the support you need?  If you went into real estate only because you saw other REALTORS making so much money and you want to get into the game, we might not be the team for you.

CORE Group (Colorado Real Estate Group) wants to develop strong and vibrant communities. Our goal for growth is to develop independent, resilient agents with exceptional market knowledge and creative marketing skills. We mentor agents to provide clients with outstanding customer service during the home buying or selling process.

We are professionals who contribute to our community, work hard and…. well, we play hard, too. Being a real estate agent is a profession that allows you to build a future. How can we help you find your happy?

Define Yourself, Reach your Goals and Stay on Track

Find what makes you happy, communicate it, make a plan and we’ll have your back. The real estate industry is not for folks who tend to go on autopilot because life said “This is how it should be.” Now is the time to move forward with intention and clearly define where you want to be in one year, two years and beyond. You are building a business and there is hardly any other industry where you can reach your dreams with the right planning and diligence. Develop a business plan and we’ll help you stay on track.


You are your own company regardless of whether you just started in real estate or you have been in the industry for a long time. Real estate allows you to be flexible, determine how much you make, and decide how you move forward. It’s all in your hands, but you always have someone there for you if necessary.


Working with CORE Group also means you are not alone even though you are your own company. Each and every one of us is here to support the other. If someone is sick in your family, you need help with showings, or maybe you finally are going on a well-deserved vacation, we are a team and we are here for you.

The $$$

CORE is generous. We eliminated the practice of nickel and diming agents. There is only one split for experienced agents. You also have options to choose from: various earning models, bonuses or even residuals.

The new NEW

The new economy requires a certain kind of flexibility. You might prefer to work from home and not go to an office every day, but will occasionally need an office space. We share a common, fully equipped office. Use it as an office and possibly get some walk-in customers.  Our team is a hybrid of cloud-based work and WIRL (work in real life) office.

Tech Stacking

The amount of technology out there for the real estate industry can be overwhelming. We can provide guidance about which technology works and what doesn’t as you build your business. We believe in tech stacking. This means assembling applications and programs that fulfill specific tasks in your business, but easily connect with other apps. This provides you with a flexibility that allows you to stay on top of tech developments by switching out individual components without having to change your whole transaction system. We’ve got you.

Your Own Website

We believe in you! Build your own permanent website. Ideally, it will be one that you continue to expand and that reflects you. We will get you started with a Placester website and you can keep it going. Make it a castle and keep it forever after.


We are happy to provide qualified leads if you prefer to receive them. We organically attract buyers and sellers through quality content and creative marketing. We also have call in and walk in leads. While those specific leads are not always pre-qualified by CORE, consistent nurturing will ensure that they will help build your pipeline for a sustained income stream.


Are you in the beginning or the middle of your career? CORE offers office classes and participation in events to hone our skills and keep our motivation vibrant. For example, our team recently attended the ReFRESH Realtor Expo. We bring educators in and we take requests and feedback from you.  What topic would you be interested in learning more about?

Individual Support

Our team prides itself on the individual, personal and hands-on training and mentorship we provide to our agents. Period.

Call us if our message and mission resonate with you and your goals as an agent. We’d love to sit down so we can learn more about you. 719-321-0800 or susanna@co-regroup.com

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