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How to Sell Your Home Over the Holidays

Posted by Sarah Steen on November 1, 2021
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Planning to put your house on the market over the holidays, but you aren’t sure how to sell it while still enjoying the season? We have you covered with 4 tips for how to sell your home in Colorado Springs over the holidays.

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1. Go ahead and decorate!

Keep your decorations in style with your home.  This is really an opportunity to showcase and highlight features of your home. Have a beautiful fireplace? Some tasteful and simple decorations will help buyers notice it.  Make sure the decorations don’t look cluttered or take up too much space in the house.  After all, your buyers should be able to easily see the home’s features beyond the decorations.  If decorations are done well, this is a great time to show buyers what the holidays might look like for them if they buy your home. Work with a home stager for expert help getting your house market ready during the holidays. Need a home stager recommendation? Contact us for our favorite.

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2. Curb Appeal

Make your home stand out with exterior lights and décor. This is a situation where less is more, so try to avoid the Clark Griswold style of holiday lights.  Keep in style with your neighborhood. This is your chance to make your front door and porch area particularly inviting!

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3. Be Mindful of Aromas

Aromas are wonderful but it’s important to avoid overpowering aromas. We have had buyers flee a house before because they felt like they couldn’t breathe! So go ahead and bake your holiday cookies (just be sure the kitchen is cleaned up when you’re finished) or make some mulled wine. Or try this tip for a wonderfully smelling simmer pot:

  • Fill a medium pot with water.
  • Add 3 tbsp of ground cinnamon, or 3 cinnamon sticks, orange peel, 1 tbsp vanilla extract, 1 tbsp ginger, and a dash of nutmeg.
  • Stir everything together and bring to a simmer for 30-45 minutes, adding more water as needed. {Note: do not leave unattended}

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4. Get Out of Town

If you are going out of town over the holidays, this is a great opportunity to make your home available for showings with no prior notice. Buyers will appreciate the flexibility in scheduling! If you plan to leave town, make arrangements to have someone ensure that your walkway is free from ice and snow while you’re gone. The last thing you want is to have someone break a leg while trying to visit your home.

So there you have it. It is possible to sell your home during the holidays while still enjoying all that the season has to offer. And remember that we are here to help. Our real estate expertise can guide you through the home selling journey. Click the picture below to download our complimentary Home Selling Guide, call (719-321-0800) or email (susanna@co-regroup.com) to get started.


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