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House Hunting Apps That Put The Power In Your Hands

Posted by Susanna Haynie on June 5, 2014
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I love looking at homes – particularly when there are unusual features in the home. Recently, I had a buyer who loved one particular home but there was a long and narrow hallway. The buyer was not sure if his favorite antique hutch would fit through it. Instead of having to come back with a measuring tape, I let him use my  app “Photo Measures.” Problem solved. We walked through the rest of the house, where he measured a few more items, simply because we could.

This was just one of the experiences that let me think about apps that would be great to have while deciding on your future [hopefully] dream home. The listed apps will help you decide on such a dream home:

1. Measurements

Is the master bedroom big enough to fit your California oversized king bed AND a dresser? Find out even BEFORE you make an offer.

Photo Measures for iOS My Measures for Android
 Price: $4.99 Price: $4.99

2. What in the world….?

…should we do with this room? If you are not quite clear on how to use a certain room, how to decorate it or maybe renovate it, then HOUZZ will give you more than a thousand inspirations

Houzz for: iOS and Android
Price: Free

3. Ugly Wall Apps

The color of a room is a very personal choice, there are as many opinions on which color a room should be as there are colors and shades out there. In order to see the true potential of a room or even a house that has been “mispainted” use one of these apps, that will let you see a room in a new [color] light.

 Color Capture available for iOS and Android ColorClix available for iOS and Android Wall Painter available for iOS
 Price: Free Price: Free Price: $.99

4. How is the neighborhood?

walkscore app logo Walk Score App for iOS and Android  – as the name states, it will give you an idea about the walkability of a neighborhood, but also photos, impressions and activities collected by folks living there.

yelp app logo Yelp  – App for iOS and Android
Quite popular and well-known. Find and read reviews about great local businesses near you.

aroundme app logo AroundMe
How many times have you found yourself in need of finding the closest Gas Station? AroundMe quickly identifies your position and allows you to choose the nearest Bank, Bar, Gas Station, Hospital, Hotel, Movie Theatre, Restaurant, Supermarket, Theatre and Taxi.

5. What will my mortgage be?

While you will get all detailed information from your lender, wouldn’t it be nice to have an immediate idea how your mortgage payment would change if you offered one over another price? These apps will help guide you.

Karl’s Mortgage Calculator for Android Simple Mortgage Payment for iOS Trulia’s Mortgage App for iOS.
 Price: Free Price: Free Price: Free

6.  Your offer has been accepted

Time to get moving…..Moving Apps and Home Inventory Apps for you.

Move planner

Move Me For iOS — Get organized ahead time with this super move planner, you can save a lot work. This move planner will aid you to plan everything and implement the moves smoothly, and it is personalized just for you!

It is more than a simple move list of tasks. There are more than 100 pre-populated complete listing move tasks. Nothing is left out.

Cover art

Moving Planner for Android — Configurable moving planner with everything needed to plan your house moving. Save all the time typing the moving list as it comes pre-populated with more than 210 house moving related items. Easy and very intuitive thumb friendly check/uncheck options.

Encircle: Home Inventory

Encircle – best rated Inventory app for iOS and Android –  Encircle makes it easy for homeowners, landlords and business owners to inventory and track their assets for financial planning, insurance claims, tenant damage claims and recovering stolen assets. Don’t take chances. Protect your assets.

Liberty Mutual Home Gallery App – offers a free and easy to use Home Inventory App – Important to prove any damage to your possessions during you move or after a disaster. for iOS and Android.

Do you have apps that should be in this list? Please share them with everyone!

If you are looking to use these apps during a private showing – call me and I’ll schedule one for you! 719-321-0800