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Home Selling: Schedule the Closing

Posted by Sarah Steen on April 3, 2020
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home selling steps schedule the closing

The appraisal and inspection are completed and now it is time to look forward to closing. You will most likely be busy preparing for your move and that’s all you really need to do at this point.

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Have you informed our transaction coordinator of the following details about closing?

  • Will you pre-sign your closing documents?
  • Will you be in town to close?
  • Will you use a Power of Attorney?

Let us know NOW if any of these questions are a YES for you. This will ensure that we have enough time to make arrangements for you. 

  • Provide us with a good time for closing. Buyers will prefer to schedule closing early in the day. This is usually a good idea because it also gives you the opportunity to receive your proceeds the same day.
  • Depending on how far away closing is, the title company may have already contacted you about your loan(s) needing to be paid off. The title company will pay off all debt the day of closing and you will receive your proceeds via wire transfer or check.
  • Please provide our transaction coordinator with any garage door codes, door codes, mailbox numbers and any other information the buyers might need. We might also ask you about utility providers.

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We are here for every step of selling your home. Call 719-321-0800 or email susanna@co-regroup.com.