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Home Selling 101: Why Choose a Realtor?

Posted by Susanna Haynie on January 14, 2013
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Home selling guide - chosing a realtorIf you cruise the internet you have probably encountered For Sale by Owner ads.  Many people think they can save money by eliminating the commission that would be paid to the Realtor, but statistics tell another story.  To begin with, less than 10% of the homes sold in the US are sold by owner, and over half of those are simply sold to a relative.  Another interesting fact is that people who do manage to sell their homes do so at an average price of 10% less than people who use a Realtor.  Those are just a couple of reasons why you will benefit by partnering with an experienced professional.  Here are a few more.

Get the Pricing Right

Obviously it’s to your disadvantage to price your home too low; but it’s just as big a problem if you start out too high.  For one thing, buyers know what they can spend and generally avoid looking at homes out of that price range.  Most buyers also work with Realtors, so they know in advance what the going rate is for a comparable property in your neighborhood, and they will pass on homes that are substantially higher than the rest.  While you can lower your cost incrementally, this prolongs the time on the market and prospects begin to wonder if the price is going down because something is wrong with the house.  A Realtor will prepare a comprehensive market analysis to provide guidance in choosing the optimum price.

Gain Extensive Access to Buyers

Nine out of ten home buyers are working with a real estate agent.  A home is the biggest purchase most people ever make, and savvy buyers want a professional working for them.  This gives them access to the largest number of homes for sale, allows them to know if the home is appropriately priced, and gives them a well-trained advocate to negotiate and guide them through the maze of financing and legal requirements that accompany a home purchase.  Through the multiple listing service, Realtors are able to advertise their homes for sale to every real estate agent in the area and across the country.

Beneficial Experience in Preparing Your Home

It’s difficult for a person to see their home through a stranger’s eyes.  Realtors, on the other hand, do that very thing every day.  They know which repairs and upgrades are a waste of good money and which ones will net a nice profit.  They also know how buyers think, what they are looking for and what makes them turn away from a good property.  Your agent can guide in preparing your house for the market which can shorten the time it takes to make the sale.

Seven Day Availability

Buyers look at properties around their schedule; not the seller’s.  When you list your home you have people who will be available seven days a week to meet with buyers.  You can go to work, school, to your kid’s ballgame and basically continue your life while the property sells.

A Knowledgeable Advocate

Your Realtor will make certain the people viewing your property are qualified buyers.  She will negotiate terms, represent your interests, meet inspectors and help you through the complex legal maze associated with a real estate transaction.

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