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Home Selling 101: Staging your Home

Posted by Susanna Haynie on January 9, 2013
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Sell your home nowThe housing market in Colorado Springs is on an upturn! That’s definitely good news for sellers. There is a great number of buyers wanting to buy in Colorado Springs with a very limited amount of homes for sale. However, through prices are climbing and homes are selling within a few weeks, buyers still want a home that is as perfect as possible. So staging is key! Here are a few tips:

You’ve often heard that first impressions are the most important, and when you are selling your home the first impression may be the only one you will ever make.  To sell your home quickly and profitably you have to set the stage to make your home instantly appealing to every prospective buyer.  You can do this without spending a fortune by following some important staging guidelines.

Curb Appeal is Critical

How your property looks from the street creates an overall impression about the condition of the home.  If old papers, shoes and other clutter fill the porch, weeds are in the flower beds and the grass is untended a buyer tends to think the sellers have ignored other maintenance issues as well.  Here are some tips for improving your curb appeal.

•    Clear the porch of all clutter, including too much furniture.  Put away hoses, toys, and bikes.
•    Mow the lawn, rake leaves, remove snow, trim bushes and pull weeds.
•    Scrub the front door, trim and clean all of the windows in the home.
•    If paint is peeling on the door or trim, repaint it.
•    Make certain there is no junk anywhere on the property.  Trash cans should be stored in back out of the way.

Get out the Bleach

There is no substitute for a deep cleaning.  Fingerprints around the light switch, dirty shower doors and greasy film on the kitchen appliances are a turn off.  When buyers see a sparkling clean home they assume it has been well maintained.

•    Scrub all appliances and kitchen counters.
•    Shampoo carpets, mop and wax floors.
•    Leave mirrors sparkling, scour shower doors and tracks.
•    Keep the beds made, clothes and toys picked up.
•    If walls are dingy, wash them.  If necessary, apply a coat of neutral colored paint.
•    Wash or clean curtains and blinds.
•    Clean around the doorknobs on all of the doors – both inside and out.

Toss the Clutter

It’s amazing how much a person can accumulate over time, and if you have lived in your home very long it will probably appear cluttered to a buyer, even if it doesn’t seem that way to you. If a house is cluttered, it looks small regardless of the square footage.  Here are a few ways to de-clutter your house.

•    Remove non-essential item off the kitchen and bathroom counters.  Put the toaster in a cupboard, and get those notes and magnets and cereal boxes off the fridge.
•    Remove excess furniture.  If necessary, rent a small storage unit.
•    Put your bathroom items under the cupboard.
•    Clean out the closets.  Pack up extra shoes and clothes you don’t need right now.
•    Remove “busy” decorations and excess photos.
•    Get the junk out of the garage.  Show the prospects that they really can get a car in that space.

Set the Mood

There are inexpensive touches you can add that will enhance your home’s warmth and beauty.  A welcoming atmosphere tends to keep the buyers in the home longer.

•    Light it up.  Replace burned out or low wattage light bulbs with fresh, high watt versions.
•    Add fresh flowers.
•    Every room should have a touch of color, even if it is just flowers, a picture or throw pillows.
•    Place some matching towels in the bathroom.
•    Use a nice bedspread with matching pillow shams on the beds.
•    Put the lid down on all toilets and close closet doors.
•    Turn the radio on low to an easy-listening FM station.

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