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Home Decor From Old Colorado City?!

Posted by Susanna Haynie on April 29, 2012
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Little Colorado, Old Colorado CityI don’t consider myself a home stager, but I know what I like and I have no problem waiting until I find the right piece.

We moved to our home 15 months ago. I have not been very active in decorating our homes, since I have been really busy with real estate. The other day though, when I was showing houses, I saw these huge vases in a high foyer entry way. The vases were about 5′ 10″ -needless to say, quite impressive. Inside the vases were wavy tree poles (thin branchless trees). I loved the idea! Long story short, I decided to go to Old Colorado City. I had seen a few Mexican Import stores there. They certainly would have the right size vases that I am looking for. I am not necessarily into all southwest style decoration, but I love the large solid wood style furniture and the rustic decoration.
About Little Colorado:
Little Colorado & Camino Real Imports has everything imaginable ‘Southwest’. Tiles, sinks, small deco items, metal garden deco, glassware, lots of pottery. If you go through the outdoor display area to the back you’ll see the area where they work on southwest style furniture. The prices are great! I think they are always 50% off.  Let yourself get inspired. Grab some ice cream and stroll through their inventory.
Little Colorado, Old Colorado City
After 20 minutes my husband and I decided on a vase. Buying such a large piece was quite intimidating. The owner, Marco, made us a great offer, as folks had been using ‘our’ vase as a trashcan. He cleaned it out, helped us load and we were on our merry way.
cleaning the vase from Little Colorado, Old Colorado City
We brought it home and after cleaning it off we found a great place for it in our home. What do you think? I can’t wait to get some aspen tree poles into it. It will look great.
Little Colorado & Camino Real Imports
  • Owner:Marco Martinez
  • Email:rose.baer@yahoo.com
  • Phone:719-634-7740
  • Address:2703 W. Colorado Ave.Vase