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Home Buying: Time for Showings

Posted by Sarah Steen on October 28, 2019
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Your showings are scheduled, we have a full tank of gas, and we are ready to go! Here are some important things to keep in mind for as we view houses:

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The stringent rules for showings from the pandemic have disappeared.  Masks are no longer required and you don’t necessarily have to disinfect your hands before you start viewing the home. However, especially during winter months when colds, coughs and sniffles are common, it is courteous to use booties, use disinfectant and keep touching to a minimum. Most times it is requested to wear booties over shoes or remove shoes to protect the home.  

1. Be courteous and remove shoes whenever possible or wear provided booties. Slip on shoes are best for showings.

2. Bring a notebook to take notes as you go.

3. If you open a door, please lock the door after you are done so the home stays secure after we leave.

4. You are certainly allowed to peek into the cupboards and closets, but please do not touch or remove any items.

5. Please keep children with you at all times and remind them not to jump on furniture or play with any toys they might see.

6. Remember that online photos might not reflect the real layout or quality of a home. Photos can distort sizes of rooms and overall just be a bit deceiving. When in doubt, a personal visit will clear things up.

7. Visit each room and decide if this home is a yes or a no. If it’s a YES, take some extra time to re-visit each room and look for details such as needed repairs, updates or upgrades. If it’s a NO, just check it off your list. I often see buyers trying to make a NO house a house they “could deal with.” Don’t force it.

8. Once we have visited a couple of homes, I’ll ask you grade the homes 1 through 3, with 1 being the best. We’ll save the 1’s and disregard the rest.

9. Dress for weather conditions, especially in the winter. There could be ice or snow. Vacant homes may not have the heater on or the water running.

10. Do not use the restroom in the homes we are viewing.

11. Please do not touch or pet animals that remain in the home while you are viewing the house.

12. Pets, unless service or emotional support animals, have to remain in the car (please find alternatives if weather does not allow them to be safe in the car).

13. Look past clutter, paint and uncleanliness. These issues can easily be changed. It could possibly work in your favor because other buyers might not be able to look beyond these flaws.

14. This is not the time to inspect the home. The showings are simply there for you to see if you like the location, the layout of the home and the size. The home inspection will happen after your offer is accepted.

15. It’s rare in Colorado Springs, but sellers can use nanny cams and baby monitors in their home to listen to your conversations. More frequently I hear Alexa or Google reply when I enter homes. Let’s keep the conversation strictly to home features and not discuss financials or other private issues while viewing a home. That information could be used against us in potential negotiations.

16. Of course, there are always must have and deal breaker items when it comes to your preferences.  Expect things to come up during showings that you might not have considered before. Welcome to the world of your home search. That’s where we might have to tweak your online search. However, remember that nothing is perfect even with a new construction home.

17. Bring water and snacks. A day of showings can be draining!

Our team is always here to help and answer questions. Email susanna@co-regroup or call 719-321-0800 if you need more details.

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