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Hire Movers and Pack

Posted by Sarah Steen on December 16, 2019
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Our team consists of several military spouses so we have in-depth knowledge of what a challenge it can be to move. We’ve provided a few tips below to help you plan your move.
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Schedule Movers

Movers are often booked out several weeks in advance. Call to schedule an appointment as soon as your inspection resolution deadline passes.

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Moving day can be particularly stressful for pets, and you run the risk of an escapee because the door is often open for several hours as items are removed from the house. Consider boarding your furry friends until you are settled into the new house.


You can often snag free moving boxes on Craigs List and neighbors are usually more than happy to give you their empty Amazon boxes. Your local liquor store has plenty of empty boxes and they are super sturdy.

Plan B

As we mentioned in the Schedule Your Closing post, closing dates can shift. Have a backup plan (and, ideally, some extra cash) in case your closing is moved to a later date.

If you’re hoping to hire help to unpack at your new house, our friends at The Simple Sort offer whole house unpacking services and here are a few more tips for your moving planning.


Our team is always here to help and answer questions. Email susanna@co-regroup.com/719-321-0800.

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