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High ROI Home Improvement Projects for the Colorado Springs Market

Posted by Susanna Haynie on December 8, 2017
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Picture of medium brown wood flooringColorado has greatly increased in population in the past several years. The air is clearer, the views are incredible, and the people are fantastic. This means lots of people want to buy a great home there. If you have owned a home in Colorado Springs for the past 4 years, odds are that your property value has raised. Now it could be time to get the best bang for your buck by renovating great features that buyers are looking for. Start planning your remodeling with the features that are most interesting to buyers. These include incredible backyards, amazing living rooms, and renovated kitchens.


Incredible backyard

This is very big for people who enjoy the outdoor life. A lot of people coming to Colorado Springs are seeking that amazing view and a place that they can go to relax. The backyard is perfect for this. The backyard also needs to double as a place where they can invite their friends and entertain. That’s why a gorgeous garden would be a great backdrop. The centerpiece would be an elegant gazebo that is a perfect place for people to sit and relax. Adding grass around it would accent everything greatly. Then, a walkway leading from the gazebo to the back door is a perfect way to finish the project. This is guaranteed to have buyers interested and will add return on your investment.


Amazing living Room

The living room plays the same role as the backyard. The only difference is that the backyard gets freezing, so you will need a new area for guests to hang out in. Adding some windows are always a great renovation idea in order to see those mountains. If you are feeling really good, then you can add windows the size of your entire wall. This will greatly add value to the home but could cost you a hefty heating bill. However, many people are willing to spend a pretty penny for a view of those mountains. A fire place would be an amazing addition to the living room as well for when it gets snowy.


Renovated kitchen

Renovating the kitchen is one of the top ways to get some big return on your investment. A lot of people are coming from out of state, so they want to see what Colorado has to offer in the culinary department. When renovating the kitchen, you should aim to have an amazing theme and look but also keep function in mind. Many people like to start with where they place the sink or stove. The stove or sink seem to work best on an island. Most people tend to put the stove on the island because it is a great place for people to sit and socialize as the host cooks. Once you create a nice plan, you will want to pick out a great color scheme. The most crucial parts of the color scheme are cabinets, counter tops, floor, and backsplash or paint.  Once you have all these elements tied together, you will have a kitchen that buyers desire to cook in.

You can start planning out your renovations now that you have the basic concept of where to start. It will seem stressful at first, but the pay off is well worth it. Just make sure you do more research and make the right moves. Good luck!


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