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Safeguard Your Money Against Hackers When Buying A Home

Posted by Susanna Haynie on July 25, 2014
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rotect yourself from hackers

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Hackers find always new and innovative ways to take our privacy and with that our money.

Fraud attempts have been focusing on real estate brokers and their clients. The scammers have been hacking broker’s email accounts and are looking for closing wiring instructions contained within the body of emails. Once found, the hackers notify the buyer and change the wiring instructions to be sent to a trust account in New York. Once wired, the money is transferred outside the United States.

I have long doubled secured my email so that this will [hopefully] not occur with my email accounts.

Since this can happen quickly and quietly, please call your title company directly to confirm wiring instructions, then confirm with your lender or bank that they have the correct instructions! If you have noticed any discrepancies, please tell your broker, so that he/she can report this to our association and possibly to the Police Fraud Department.