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Gold Hill Mesa Answers Questions About Its ‘Golden History’

Posted by Susanna Haynie on September 26, 2013
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Gold Hill Mesa Gold MineIf you have heard of the new low maintenance, west-side development called “Gold Hill Mesa” – then you might also have encountered some raised eyebrows. After all, this Traditional Neighborhood Development (TND) was once the site of a gold mill for almost half a century. Naturally, concerns and questions arise in regards to safety of the land AND development:

Question: Was Gold Hill Mesa built on a gold mine with underground shafts and has questionable soil?

GHM says: Gold Hill Mesa was once the site of a gold mill – not a mine. Rock was mined near Cripple Creek and brought down by train. Gold was extracted from the crushed rock, smelted into bars, and sent to banks in Denver. There was never any drilling or underground mine shafts at Gold Hill Mesa.

Question: Was Gold Hill Mesa a landfill?

GHM says: The residential area was never used for any disposal. This has been confirmed by excavations, borings and geotechnical testing of the property. Part of the commercial portion of the property was designated to accept fill dirt from surrounding construction sites in the 1980’s. Because some of the fill material delivered to the site included concrete and in order to deal with the existing mill foundations, the gold Hill Mesa redevelopment team recycled this material to provide the foundation of Fountain Creek restoration project with rip-rap to help stabilize the banks of Fountain Creek.

Part of the misconception that Gold Hill Mesa was once a landfill may stem from the history of Red Rock Canyon Open Space. Located three miles away from Gold Hills Mesa off of Highway 24 and Ridge Road, this land was in part once used as a landfill. In 2003, the City of Colorado Springs purchased this property and turned it into the spectacular city amenity that it is today. Visitors enjoy recreational opportunities such as hiking, climbing, cycling, horseback riding and picnic areas amidst spectacular geography and breathtaking views.

This information is taken from Gold Hill Mesa’s Marketing Material (2013)

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