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Where are the gates on Fort Carson?

Posted by Susanna Haynie on April 24, 2014
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Fort Carson Gates Map

Have you have received orders to Fort Carson, Colorado and need to do some research about your new duty station? Familiarizing yourself with all of Fort Carson’s gates is one of the first things on your to do list. This will help you focus in on where you’d like to live if you’re planning on living off post.  Maybe you just need to find the easiest access for your location? Here is the latest information about the gate locations and the access. If you want a map you can request one, just scroll down.

Click here to download the map of Fort Carson Gates

Can Civilians Get onto Fort Carson?

Fort Carson is not open to the public, but civilians are able to get on post by following instructions below:

Pre Registration: If you are a visitor, 18 or older, without a sponsor you can apply for a visitor pass or a special events pass by clicking this link . You will have to provide your drivers license or a passport. There will be a background check after which you will be notified if access has been granted or not. If you are permitted access, you can go directly to the kiosk at the Visitor Center at Gate 1.  Going to the automated kiosk will make things a bit faster as the line for it moves much quicker.

Alternatively, a DoD card holder can sign you in directly at the visitor center.

Hunting and Fishing Access:

Find detailed information here.

All access information here.

Fort Carson Access

Fort Carson Gate 1 (Nelson Blvd)

Gate 1 is the dedicated main gate for Fort Carson off Highway 115 and across the Cheyenne Mountain State Park.  It is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Gate 1 also has a Visitor Control Center for all visitors seeking access to Fort Carson. Please note that all car passengers are required to have an ID Card and there is 100% ID card check. This is the quickest access to the Fort Carson Main Exchange (PX).

Fort Carson Gate 2 (O’Connell Blvd)

Starting 10/31/2022, Gate 2 (off Hwy 115 and the west end of O’Connell Blvd) will be closed indefinitely. It’s important to note that this gate had the quickest access to Mountainside Elementary School which is located right next to the gate.

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Fort Carson Gate 3 (Chiles Ave)

This gate has a Visitor Control Center for Commercial and Vendor traffic only. It is open 24/7. It is located off South Academy and the road leading  into Fort Carson is an extension of Westmeadow Drive turning into Chiles Avenue. The Cheyenne Meadows subdivision is a popular off post housing area due to it’s close proximity to Fort Carson.

Fort Carson Gate 4 (Barkley Ave)

Starting 11/4/2022 there will be changes to the following Fort Carson gate:

Gate 4 is an extension of B Street and also known as the “B Street” Gate.  Gate 4 is sometimes mistake for the main Fort Carson gate. It is off S Academy just east of Gate 3. Starting 11/4/2022, Gate 4’s operational times will change to Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm.

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Fort Carson Gate 5 (Titus Blvd)

Located off of Highway 115, Gate 5 is also known as the hospital gate  because you can circumvent all the traffic on Fort Carson to get to Evans Army Community Hosptial. This is also the gate to take if you’re looking for the Cheyenne Shadows Golf Course. Directly inside the gate is the Navajo Village (north) housing area with mostly quadplex housing.

Fort Carson Gate 6

Gate 6 is located off Highway 115 at Wilderness Road and has west access to Butts Airfield. It is open 5am to 6pm Monday through Friday. It is closed on holidays and training holidays.

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Fort Carson Gate 7, Gate 8, Gate 10, Gate 12, Gate 13, Gate 15

With the exception of Gate 15 these are all located south of Fort Carson. Some can be missed pretty easily. Gate 7 is about 4 miles south of Gate 1.  Among other things they provide access to civilian shooting ranges (access permits required), hunting, fishing and wildlife recreation, as well as camping in the southern part of Fort Carson.

Fort Carson Gate 19 (Eassayons Rd)

Located on the east side of Fort Carson along I 25. Take exit 128, head east, and the gate is on Essayons Rd West of Charter Oak Ranch Road. Gate 19  is open 5am to 6pm Monday-Friday, except holidays and training holidays. Gate 19 is one of two eastern entrance points and can get pretty crowded during main traffic times.

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Fort Carson Gate 20 (Magrath Ave)

Gate 20 is located off Interstate 25 at Exit 132 on Magrath Ave and is the main eastern access gate. This gate is open 24/7 every day including weekends and holidays.

The map is stylized and nothing fancy – but it will give you a good overview of where the gates are located.

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