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Find Your Colorado Springs School

Posted by Susanna Haynie on January 12, 2012
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After our many relocations with the military it became very clear to me that the education and the safety of my children would be two of the premier decision factors on where we would chose to purchase our home in the new location. Regardless of the reason of your move or the destination of your move, for a lot of people this is an important issue.

The home price, convenience of location, driving time to work and more are all important factors, but there are always be compromises that can be made. For most a compromise in finding a great school is not an option. I would like to help you in this decision as best as I can. In future posts I will lay our school options for you and resources.

Which kind of school would you like your child to attend?

This post will let you see the schools that are in the school district of your future residence. The map below is interactive and when you click on the link you will be guided to a greatschools.org website that gives you data, statistics and parent reviews of each school.

Colorado Springs schools

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