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Favorite Bike Trails in Colorado Springs

Posted by Sarah Steen on August 26, 2023
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Colorado Springs is a fantastic destination for biking enthusiasts. Parks and open spaces throughout the city offer a variety of bike trails that cater to different skill levels and preferences.

While many of those trails are urban or well marked trails, it is still helpful to download the COTrex app.  This detailed mobile app will work even if you are without wifi in the back country if you plan ahead.

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Popular bike trails in and around Colorado Springs

  • Pikes Peak Greenway Trail (30 miles): This is a scenic trail that connects downtown Colorado Springs with the city of Fountain. It follows Monument Creek and offers beautiful views of the surrounding landscape. Its an easy urban, paved trail that can be used by all skills of riders and types of bikes.  The New Santa Fe Trail, Pikes Peak Greenway Trail and the Fountain Creek Regional Trail connect for a combined 40.5 miles. Right after W. Fillmore St you will run into the huge Gossage Park with youth skate park, bike park, playground and soccer fields. This is a great area to stop and improve your bike skills or let the kids play at the park.
  • Cottonwood Creek Urban Trail (8 miles): This trail provides a serene path along Cottonwood Creek and is great for walking, jogging, or cycling. It offers a blend of nature and urban surroundings. Make sure to stop at the huge Cottonwood Creek Park. You’ll find a disc golf course, playground, restrooms, soccer fields, picnic tables, in-line hockey rink, softball/baseball fields and more.
  • New Santa Fe Trail (17 miles): Runs from Palmer Lake, through the U.S. Air Force Academy and all the way to downtown Colorado Springs. It provides a mix of urban and natural scenery. Pro tip: you’ll be going mostly downhill if you start north and head south. The sections of this trail further north may have loose gravel and/or washed out sections.
  • Ute Valley Park: This park offers a network of mountain biking trails suitable for different skill levels. It’s located just west of I-25 in the middle of town. It’s known for its beautiful rock formations and challenging terrain. Great trails from swooping soft trails to really hard mountainous technical rides.
  • Homestead Ranch Regional Park (4 miles): Ideal for beginners and those who enjoy exploring. It’s a manageable distance with a mix of terrain.
  • Cheyenne Mountain State Park: A gem nestled on the southwest side of town, this park offers a variety of trails for mountain biking that range in skill level. The Dixon Trail is a popular option that leads to the summit of Cheyenne Mountain but it should be noted that it can only be accessed by foot. Ride up the Talon Trail, lock up your bike, and continue on foot on Dixon Trail for another 4.5 miles.
  • Fox Regional Park (5 miles): With family-friendly activities in this park like multiple playgrounds, a dog park and ponds, this trail is perfect for people of all ages. It’s a great place for a family outing.
  • Palmer Park: With over 25 miles of trails, Palmer Park is a favorite among local riders. The trails vary in difficulty making it suitable for beginners and experienced riders, often rocky and with lots of challenges for riders.
  • Cathedral Pines Trails (9 miles): This northeast Colorado Springs trail offers a longer route for those looking to explore more.
  • Bluestem Prairie Open Space (9 miles): Rolling hills and a reservoir make this a scenic choice. The diverse landscape adds a unique touch to your biking experience.
  • Gardens of the Gods – Ute Trail (5 miles): While the main area can be crowded, the Ute Trail provides a longer bike option with stunning views of the iconic rock formations. Go very early in the morning or on a motorless morning.
  • Red Rock Canyon Open Space: This area offers a mix of singletrack and doubletrack trails, with options for both beginners and advanced riders. The red rock formations provide a unique backdrop. Pro tip: the main parking lots are quick to fill up. Go up to 31st street and park there instead. After a good ride, head over to Fossil Brewing Co to have a beer and grab a bite to eat at the food trucks there.
  • Falcon Trail at the United States Air Force Academy (13 miles): This large loop trail offers a challenging ride with varying terrain and stunning views of the Front Range. It has something for everyone: fun sandy smooth downhill swings, flat easy trails and rocky, mountainous areas.
  • Bear Creek Regional Park (6 miles): With a mix of paved and dirt trails, Bear Creek Park offers a variety of options for riders. It’s a great place for families and riders of all skill levels. Take breaks, bring lunch and have a picnic. In case you are wondering: the Bear Creek Park area is large – it consists of Bear Creek Recreational Park, with Pickleball courts, playground and grass soccer fields; Bear Creek Dog Park; Bear Creek Regional Park Stretching from 8th street, past 21st Street all the way up to Gold Camp Road and then finally turning into Bear Creek Canyon – Bear Creek is an actual creek that runs through this area.
  • Shooks Run Trail: This urban trail connects downtown Colorado Springs with Memorial Park offering a convenient and scenic route for cyclists. Biking this route is the best way to get to know this historic part of town. Stop at the Lincoln Center to have breakfast at Red Point Cafe or grab a happy hour beer at Goat Patch Brewing Co. Stop by the Nightingale Bread Co early for the most amazing handmade bread.
  • Section 16 and Intemann Trail Loop: This loop trail offers a combination of moderate climbs and it can get quite technical in areas. Especially, when we there was a lot of rain, the middle of the trails get washed out and make riding a bit more difficult. Expect lots of hikers as this is a super popular hiking trail as well. You can enter into Red Rock Open Space from the Intemann trail.
  • Black Forest Regional Trails Park (4 miles): An easy trail option that’s great for a casual bike ride or a peaceful walk. Beautiful views, some clearly still marked by the Wildfire burn scars.

Need more ideas for adventures in Colorado Springs?

As always when you are out and about in the mountains:

  • Bring enough water
  • Apply sunscreen
  • Be prepared for any weather changes.

Before you head out to these trails, remember to check local regulations, trail maps, and any updates related to trail conditions or closures. Enjoy your outdoor adventures and have a great time exploring these Colorado Springs trails!


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