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Disclosures For Home Sale or Purchase – Water {Contract}

Posted by Susanna Haynie on June 18, 2013
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Water disclosure home selling and buyingIf you are selling a home in the state of Colorado you will need to provide lots of information about your home.

Introducing: Source of Water Addendum

Colorado state statutes require that sellers of residential property disclose the home’s source of potable (drinkable) water (C.R.S.A. § 38-35.7-104)

Water is a precious, limited, resource in Colorado and to comply with this statute a Seller’s Property Disclosure form or a Source of Potable Water Addendum  is provided:

  • Identification of the source of potable water (tap, well, other)
  • Identification of any permits, augmentation plans and other water related information
  • Provides the name and the address/contact information of the water provider.

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