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Colorado Springs Weather

Posted by Susanna Haynie on April 10, 2018
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Southern California has pretty great weather, but I would argue our beautiful Colorado Springs has some of the BEST weather in the country!

We’ve collected some data supporting our theory here! But, I think an average of 250 days of sunshine tells it all!

  • Average High: 82 (July)
  • Average Low: 42 (December)
  • Yearly Average Rainfall: 16.56 inches
  • Days with measurable precipitation: 43 days
  • Days of full sunshine: 243

The summer weather, due mostly to Colorado Springs altitude of 6,035 feet above sea level, offers very low humidity giving way to beautiful sunshine filled days and cool, comfortable evenings.

In the fall, there is little rain, and cooling evenings in Colorado Springs but the weather stays very warm during the day!

Winter very rarely drops below freezing. As long as the sun is out, being outside when the temperature is in the 30’s and 40’s is actually very comfortable

Springs here in the Springs offers a bit more rain (which is good because it keeps the fire danger down a bit).  We still have more sunshine than not and a few days of beautiful snow!

Be Aware


The only things that can be a new experience when you’re relocating to Colorado Springs are the very occasional hail storm; a car garage is a must have if you can find a home with it. And fire danger, but our fire teams are incredibly prepared.  Fires in the Colorado Springs city limits are more rare than down south where there is more open spaces. Still, good to note that during a certain fews weeks of the year, being vigilant, prepared, and following the instructions of weather experts and local authorities regarding burning of camp fires or cigarettes.

Overall, Colorado Springs has awesome, very mild weather that allows for A LOT of outside time for adventuring and fun! If you think this will be your new home, call Colorado Springs Real Estate at (719)321-0800 or email us at Susanna@co-regroup.com and we would love to share more!

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