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Cheyenne Mountain State Park – Adventure At Your Doorstep

Posted by Susanna Haynie on September 7, 2013
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Cheyenne Mountain State Park visitor Center

Visitor Center

Nestled in the looming shadow of the mountain it’s named after lies Cheyenne Mountain State park,  one of the crown jewels of Colorado Springs. With rolling hills, avid wildlife, and a dedicated park staff it has long been a great source of adventure for everyone and anyone who take the time to pay it a visit. If you are looking for a little adventure close to Fort Carson or Colorado Springs, this is a great way to get your experience started.

 Hiking or cycling in Cheyenne Mountain State Park….

comes highly recommended. 80% of the park is inaccessible by car; more rather by a winding, twisting labyrinth of gravel-paved trails offering those out for a day of adventure something to really sink their teeth into. The trails themselves are generally fairly wide and easy enough to traverse without much difficulty, meaning virtually everyone can go anywhere regardless of a person’s physical abilities. That’s not to say hiking or cycling the park is a cake-walk of course, but it offers a wide enough range of difficulties to truly cater to everyone’s preferences.Cheyenne Mountain State Parks Trails

Cheyenne Mountain State Park Campin Facilities

Camping Facilities

Camping in the park…

comes just as advocated. It’s open seven days a week becoming an excellent stop on any road trip across central Colorado. Payment is smooth and easy, and the park has been so masterfully laid out that becoming lost on the roads within it is almost laughable. It also does well to provide those pulling campers or those driving RVs appropriate spots for everything from electricity, to even drainage. The nights are warm and the days are almost always clear blue skies during the summer and fall, lending the park to being ideal for an overnight stay. The nights are especially nice; seeing the distant downtown area of Colorado Springs lit up like a glowing spiderweb and hearing all tee chirping crickets and rustle of animals in the evening is an unforgettable experience. Unfortunately, campfires in Colorado have most recently been frowned upon given the wildfires as of late, so please check fire restrictions before you skewer your smores.Cheyenne Mountain State Parks Trails

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There are no dogs allowed on any of the trails and this is strictly enforces. You may have your dog at a campsite, but you will need to follow the leash rules.

Also be aware that this is active bear country and especially mountain lion area. Be aware and educate yourself on what to do in case of an encounter.

 Things to do…     

Cheyenne Mountain State Park offers an extensive list of things to do. The vastly expansive network of trails within the park are impossible to see everything of in a day, and no matter how many times the same path is travelled, there is always something new to admire. There are also scheduled events such as night hikes and scavenger hunts, as well as a miniature amphitheater, making the 1680 acre state park an endless source of entertainment for everyone, young and old.

Those on planning a visit, I would definitely advise bringing plenty of water. The park landscape is fairly dry during the day. On another note, shoes with low ankle cuts are discouraged, mainly because the gravel used to line the winding paths throughout the park has a rather unpleasant habit of getting into shoes. Otherwise the park in general is perfect for anyone and everyone looking for an outdoor adventure close to home, and is an ideal stop for anyone passing through the state looking for somewhere to stop and enjoy a beautiful scenery.

Other activities: Geocaching in the park, a new archery range is under constructionCheyenne Mountain State Park Biking

For more information on the park, visit their website 

A yearly pass per car will run you about $60 and a day pass around $7.

Click here to go to the Friends of Cheyenne Mountain State Park

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