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These Ceiling Lights Light Up Your Life

Posted by Susanna Haynie on September 18, 2018
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Lighting Trends in Colorado Springs 2018

Let’s take a look at these ceiling light fixtures that dominated the Parade of Homes in Colorado Springs in 2018. Farm house rustic chic on one hand, contemporary elegant on the other; as well as a comeback of the crystal chandelier, and some mixed with a bit of creativity. Homeowners are turning to light fixtures to be a part of the interior design and not just as a practical feature of a home. They’ve gotten bigger and trendy:  get your style on with lights!

Creative chandeliers

It was delightful to see a custom home during the 2018 Parade of Homes where the owner had poured her heart into the design of the whole house. Of course, this included light fixtures that were quirky, fun and creative with a touch of up-cycling!


creative kitchen chandeliers

Crystal Chandelier Come-Back

For the longest time crystal or glass light fixtures and pendants were considered dated and old fashioned. Not anymore. Relaxed rules for interior design that make it okay to mix trends instead of staying religiously with just one style have encouraged homeowners to experiment a bit more.  Make a statement with some additional crystal or glass to add a luxurious and elegant feel to any room!

New shapes

creative chandeliers


Glass Drops with Rustic Chic

creative chandeliers

Soft Gold

Here is another come back: gold.  Wait, gold? Really? Don’t worry if you are now wondering if you should have waited to replace your bronze light fixtures in hopes that they are back in style. Come backs are never exactly the same. The new gold features have a matte finish instead of polished brass and geometric lines. These lights work great with a rustic home design as well as contemporary clean lines. The gold will stand out even more if you have cool, neutral colors such as white, greys, blue greys or greiges (beige/grey).

Soft Gold, Matt Finish

Soft gold bronze light fixture

Golden Globe

Soft gold bronze light fixture

6 Light Globed Chandelier

shaded chandelier

Rustic De-Light

Rustic is still in trend and it should continue for a little longer as it’s been popular for nearly 10 years! After all this time, you will see it softened when it’s mixed with other trends like the wildly popular farm design.

Sputnik Light
Rustic De-Light

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