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How to Buy a Foreclosed Home

Jul 11, 2019
The expression “buying a foreclosure” is a bit misleading because you can’t buy a foreclosure. Do you mean a bank o [more]
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Tips When You Offer On A Short Sale

Feb 20, 2015
When I wrote the previous blog post, I described a few Short Sale specific characteristics, but noticed that there [more]
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If You Really Must: Short Sales – What...

Feb 16, 2015
The Short Sale With the recovery of the real estate market comes a reduction in distressed homes that are on the ma [more]
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Owners Title Insurance vs. Lenders Title Insurance

Title Insurance Explained

Jun 10, 2014
Title Insurance Explained Before I became interested in real estate, I was exasperated when we sold -or purchased a [more]
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The State Of The Shortsale

Jul 25, 2013
I have talked about shortsales quite a bit. I put together an infographic on the shortsale process: I was really ho [more]
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Colorado’s Environmental Hazards ̵...

Jul 10, 2013
Colorado has a rich history with gold and silver mining in the past centuries and oil drilling, coal mining in this and the last century. These activities have had tremendous impact on the environment [more]
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Short Sale tips

Jun 26, 2013
Some homeowners are able to pull out from under their mortgages these days with rising real estate prices. There ha [more]
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5 Options To Foreclosure

Nov 10, 2012
Many homeowners, who are at risk of default on their mortgage believe that foreclosure or even bankruptcy is their [more]
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A Short Sale – Not Easy, But An Option...

Nov 04, 2012
A short sale … ….is not an exception anymore. There has been plenty of talk in the media about short sa [more]
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New FHA short sale guidelines for PCSing mil...

Oct 29, 2012
I am excited! Changes are coming for folks that are facing a short sale. Particularly our military families will fi [more]
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