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Graphic of real estate stats for May 2020

Homes For Sale in Colorado Springs – R...

Jun 12, 2020
I love diving into the numbers when it comes to the Colorado Springs real estate market. My team scours through MLS [more]
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Cream colored painted front of home for sale entrance with brown picket fence and American flag

Gold Hill Mesa Townhome Available -under con...

Apr 04, 2018
Gold Hill Mesa Townhome listed for Sale Beautiful, great view, Westside home, and under $300,000!! This home is a n [more]
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Ten reasons and tips for buying a duplex

Ten Reasons and Tips For Buying A Duplex

Feb 14, 2017
Investing in real estate is usually a great way to increase wealth and generate passive income. Yet I would bet mos [more]
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A 1031 Exchange Will Grow Your Real Estate I...

Nov 09, 2015
Maybe you have heard of a 1031 Exchange and then thought that this “program” is only something for rich [more]
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title insurance explained

Title Insurance Explained

Jun 10, 2014
Title Insurance Explained Before I became interested in real estate, I was exasperated when we sold -or purchased a [more]
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How to buy a rental home

How To Buy A Rental Property for Passive Inc...

Mar 25, 2014
After reading the primer “Are You Ready To Invest In A Rental Property?” do you feel that you are ready [more]
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How to buy a rental home , passive income

Are You Ready To Invest In A Rental Property...

Mar 23, 2014
Home  prices are on the rise. In fact, 2013 prices increased a whopping 12% compared to 2012 here in Colorado Sprin [more]
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