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universal design home

Universal Design Homes

Oct 29, 2016
What do you look for when purchasing a home? Perhaps it’s an open floor plan, an upgraded kitchen, or a large [more]
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renting vs. buying

Why Are You Renting?

Sep 30, 2016
Every person at some time in their life  has to answer the question: Should I purchase a home or rent a home? Home [more]
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Due Diligence before buying a house

Doing The Research = Due Diligence

Aug 24, 2016
When you are purchasing any property in Colorado, the state contract allows for several extensive time periods allo [more]
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environmental hazards

Environmental Hazards To Colorado Homes

Jul 25, 2016
Common environmental hazards to homes are an important topic for anyone looking to purchase. Some may be unfamiliar [more]
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Parade of Homes Colorado Springs 2016

FREE Parade of Homes Tickets Colorado Spring...

Jul 22, 2016
Experience the Parade of Homes Aug. 3-21 Showcasing 27 brand new homes by 24 builders!   One ticket is all you need [more]
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Home Issues In Colorado

Common Issues With Houses in Colorado

Jul 08, 2016
As a real estate agent, I have seen several issues with homes, but some stand out as more common than others or ten [more]
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Selling your home

Preparing To Sell Your Home For The Highest ...

Jun 09, 2016
Do you know how to prepare to sell your home? Most people think that the first step to selling their home is to lis [more]
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broadmoor bluffs colorado springs

SOLD -Rancher In Broadmoor Bluffs For Sale

May 20, 2016
Take a drive through the lovely neighborhood of Broadmoor Bluffs, tucked away on a mountain’s edge, to get to this [more]
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Home Inventory List

Home Inventory: Protecting Your Home Content...

Apr 21, 2016
Last week’s Emergency Preparedness article is the first step to what Colorado may have in store for you when [more]
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Buyer’s Agreement: It Works For You!

Apr 08, 2016
You’ve decided to search for a home and you’ve followed our tips for finding a good realtor – now [more]
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Bathroom remodel

10 Tips For an Easy Bathroom Remodel

Mar 29, 2016
Bathroom Remodel Next to the kitchen an updated bathroom makes a big impact on [your future] buyers when they see y [more]
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partnering with the right agent

Partnering With The Right Realtor

Mar 24, 2016
Sometimes the idea of finding a realtor can create as much anxiety as dealing with a car salesmen or looking for a [more]
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